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Download our full unaudited interim results here: PDF

Unaudited interim results for the six months ended 31 August 2014

Robert Forrester interview on latest results
Interview with Robert Forrester, Chief Executive commenting on the record interim results.

Number of Retailers

Financial Highlights

  • Revenues increased by 29.5% to £1,083.9m (2013 H1 : £837.2m)
  • Profit before tax up 48.8% to £12.8m (2013 H1 : £8.6m)
  • Adjusted(1) profit before tax up 51.1% to £13.3m (2013 H1 : £8.8m)
  • Period end net cash of £34.4m (2013 H1 : £25.7m)
  • Balance sheet underpinned by freehold and long leasehold property portfolio of £109.1m (31 August 2013: £104.5m)
  • Healthy operating cash inflow of £15.9m (2013 H1 : £30.4m)
  • Earnings per share up 16.8% to 2.99p (2013 H1 : 2.56p)
  • Adjusted(1) earnings per share up 18.7% to 3.11p (2013 H1 : 2.62p)
  • Interim dividend up 16.7% to 0.35p per share (2013: 0.3p per share) to be paid in January 2015

(1) adjusted for exceptional charges, amortisation of intangible assets and share based payments charge

Operational Highlights

(2) Core : Dealerships that have traded for two full consecutive financial years.

Outlook Highlights

Results Past and Present

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