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International Women's Day Part Two: Meet Our #VertuGirlGang

International Women's Day Part Two: Meet Our #VertuGirlGang

Welcome to our second instalment of ‘Meet the #VertuGirlGang’!

(Don’t worry if you missed the first part, it’s linked at the bottom of this article for you to catch up on!)

Vertu Motors is one of the largest automotive retailers in the UK, and in light of International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate all of the incredible women who contribute to making this company a success.

So, without further ado, here are some more empowering female faces who contribute to the success of this company.

RACHEL LAWS - Marketing Administrator

Our Studio Department is where the creative magic happens, and there are some super talented females within this team.

Rachel Laws not only bosses her role as a Marketing Administrator, but she also bosses some fantastic achievements outside of work. Her most recent accomplishment has seen her complete Sugar Free February for Cancer Research!

DANIELLE CHARLTON - Email Co-ordinator

Danielle Charlton

Joining Rachel within the studio is our lovely Email Co-ordinator, Danielle Charlton!

“Despite the vague title, sending emails can be a lot more strategic than people may think! I first started email marketing back in 2016 and have recently joined Vertu Motors to aid with the in-housing of email marketing. We are currently entering into a very exciting time for Vertu and the capabilities within the email platform and I’m looking forward to developing these over the upcoming months.

My greatest achievement in my career so far would be winning The Most Clicked Email in Communicator’s Click Awards – something that I’m sure we will be competing for at Vertu this year. My favourite aspect of email marketing would have to be the ever-changing world of digital and the way in which email has evolved and continues to evolve. Watch this space!”

We also have a Planning and Design Manager, Senior Graphic Designer and a Mac Artworker that make up the female squad within Studio, and all of them bring something extra special to the company with their incredible skill-sets.

VICTORIA BLACK – Marketing Manager

Victoria Black

Here we have our fabulous ladies from The Taxi Centre! From the left, we have our Accountant, Jillian Caughey, the Marketing Manager, Victoria Black, and Sharon Hollinger, who is the Sales Admin Manager.

 “I’ve been in marketing since 2007 and joined Vertu Motors in August ’19.  I really enjoy the fast-paced, and sometimes unpredictable, nature of the automotive industry.”

SHARON HOLLINGER – Sales Admin Manager

“I have been part of the Vertu Group for 6 years. Joining the Ford division Sales admin at Darnley and then moving to The Taxi Centre in 2015. My job title is Admin/Office Manager but it’s better known at the process police officer! I’ve worked in the motor industry for approximately 30 years. Why? I can’t actually put my finger on it, initially, it was my love of cars but now I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

RACHEL HANLEY – Internet Development Manager

Rachel Hanley

Last year marked 10 years in the automotive industry for our development genius, Rachel Hanley. Rachel is our Internet Development Manager, and her abilities, innovations and achievements are inspirational! Not only is Rachel the only female within the Development Team, but she’s also in charge of making sure projects move swiftly and efficiently through to final completion.

TANIA HENZELL – Content Manager


Leading the Content Queens is this legend, Tania Henzell!

“I have quite a wide remit, which helps to keep me out of mischief (mostly).  With the help of our amazing content team, I oversee the online content across all of our brand websites and social media profiles.  News, blogs, landing pages, chatbot scripts, process walk-throughs, emails, social posts, internal social media training - you name it, we’ve written it! 

 I’ve only been driving for a couple of years, so I’m quite late to the automotive party!  I don’t think that’s a bad thing though – there’s a lot of jargon in the industry, and there’s usually an assumption that people know certain things, but I can bring a fresh eyes approach to what we’re doing.  It means we don’t assume that people know how car finance works or what torque is. It also means that I’m always learning, which is one of my favourite things about the role!

The automotive industry has an exciting few years ahead, and electrification seems to have really ‘sparked’ the imagination of a lot of manufacturers when it comes to car design.  There are some amazing models due to be released this year, and I can’t wait to share what we know about them with our fantastic readers!”

BETH AYNSLEY – Content Executive

Beth Aynsley

Our second Content Queen is this beauty, Beth Aynsley!

“As part of the social squad, my job at Vertu Motors entails writing news blogs for our various brands, creating the content for landing pages on the website, posting across our social platforms and looking after Facebook Academy. Despite not immediately making a beeline for the automotive industry, I found myself here because of my passion to write creatively and an interest in cars that’s grown hugely during my time in this role. As one of Vertu Motors’ ‘Content Queens’, I think we pride ourselves in providing a voice for the company (on our social platforms and the websites) that is completely gender unbiased. We make content for everyone, as cars are for everyone.

Everything that all the amazing women are doing within Vertu Motors and across this industry definitely deserves to be celebrated!

I chose this photo because International Women’s Day celebrates strong women – strong in many senses of the word, but not excluding physically strong, too. So, here’s me with my 27kg fluffy-girl, Indie (she wanted to celebrate IWD, too).”

AMANDA AYRES – Content Executive

Amanda Ayres

Finally, the face behind this article and the third Content Queen is me!   

“Hi, my loves! I’m Amanda, and since graduating with a Masters in Media and Journalism, I’ve gone from writing about stiletto heels and bodycon dresses to electric vehicles and family cars - very different topics, I know!

I was very nervous about starting at Vertu Motors because all I’ve ever been good at is writing about the latest catwalk trends! But my Mum always told me that you can be anything you want to be, all you have to do is work hard and never give up. And so, here I am giving our readers their daily dose of car news, planning and actioning influencer campaigns and broadening my own knowledge on all things automotive!

I feel incredibly lucky to work alongside all of these magnificent women that have been kind enough to contribute to this article, and I am a strong believer that women should support women, always. This is why I wanted to create this blog, to show the world the incredible women behind Vertu Motors and to celebrate our inspirational, powerful and absolutely fabulous #VertuGirlGang.”

This is just a snippet of some of the women who make up the #VertuGirlGang, with plenty more empowering females working across all different parts of the company.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating our #VertuGirlGang, not just on International Women’s Day, but every day.

#EachForEqual #IWD2020

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