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Golf at No.1 - The UK's Most Popular Car

Golf at No.1 - The UK's Most Popular Car

For many years, it’s fair to say that the Ford Fiesta has dominated UK markets, out-selling some of its rival hatchbacks by ten to one! However, as people seem to be moving upmarket for some additional luxury, more in-car tech and an even more reliable drive, the Volkswagen Golf has taken the crown at long last!

In this exclusive article, we take a look at just a few of the many reasons why Volkswagen’s Golf is gracing our UK roads more than ever.  


The word ‘reliability’ is so heavily associated with that iconic ‘VW’ badge that it almost becomes clich�, but it’s true! Durability is ingrained in the heritage of Volkswagen, producing cars that will be as long-lasting as Edinburgh Castle. In fact, if a Golf was to break down, we wouldn’t be surprised if the unlikely event lead to a day of mourning for the German manufacturer!


If you were to compare the range of both Ford and Volkswagen, you’d see that the Ford Fiesta sits more closely to the Volkswagen Polo, while the Ford Focus is more relative to the Golf - so it seems that the move upmarket has also come with a choice of practicality, as the Golf caters more space than both of Ford’s best offerings.

Boot space comparison:

Volkswagen Golf: Standard: 380-litre / Seats folded: 1,270

Ford Focus: Standard: 318-litre / Seats folded: 1,101




There wouldn’t be many arguments when we say that a lot of cars are beginning to look the ‘same’, but Volkswagen have always had a somewhat signature look, from their iconic Volkswagen Beetle to their latest release, the Sirocco. One car that always stood on its own four wheels is the Golf, an iconic design that no ‘copycat’ manufacturers dare to attempt.

Comfort, Interior, and Technology

It’s safe to say then that despite being such a popular sight, the Volkswagen Golf has always stood out - but as they say, beauty also lies on the inside! The quality interior and in-car tech truly defines the luxury of Volkswagen, with touch-screen technology available even in entry-level models.



Many manufacturers make the mistake of compromising their cars to focus on new or popular features, leaving customers feeling the shortfall of its drive when out on the roads. With Volkswagen however, that’s not the case - their quality interior and latest in-car technology are undoubtedly matched by a sensational drive - their refinement and superior build will have even the worst of motorway journeys feel like a cruise of pure bliss. Beating off competition from the likes of the Honda Civic, BMW 1 Series, and Ford Focus, it’s no wonder the Volkswagen Golf is the UK’s favorite car of 2017 so far!

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 Author: David Winter