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Stay safe and keep your car in premium condition with a free tyre check at your nearest Vertu Motors dealership.

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A Vertu Motors free tyre check includes:

Tyre pressure check

Tyre pressure check

Tread depth inspection

Tread depth check

Visual inspection for general wear and damage

Visual wear and damage check

Vehicle health check

Free Vehicle Health Check

Tyre safety

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure

Checking your tyre pressure regularly helps ensure you have better grip on the road, increased handling and better braking distances.

It only takes a few minutes to check, and it helps to keep your vehicle at peak performance.

You can check your pressure yourself at home, or out at a petrol station. Alternatively, you can do it as part of your free tyre check at Vertu Motors.

Tread depth

Tread depth

The legal tread depth for your tyres is 1.6mm. You should look to replace your tyres before this limit to ensure safety on the road.

Bald tyres not only look bad, but they perform badly too. You'll get less fuel economy and you also run an elevated risk of skidding, particularly in the rain.

Keep your car looking and performing brilliantly with a free tyre check at Vertu Motors.

General wear & damage

General wear & damage

Regular parking, potholes and driving over debris can cause general wear and damage to your tyres which adds up over time.

It is important to regularly check your tyres for bulges, lumps, tears and cuts. They can impact the vehicle's grip on the road and cause other serious issues.

We'll do it for you. Book your free tyre check at Vertu Motors today.

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose Vertu Motors for your free tyre check?

At Vertu Motors it's all in the detail, and whilst we take care of the details of your tyres, we also take care of you.

Complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi, and even hot desks, are available while you wait for your free tyre check and vehicle health check to be completed.

To make tyre checks a regular part of your routine, we also have dedicated areas for children at many of our dealerships, so childcare is one less thing to worry about.

You can always guarantee a thorough service at Vertu Motors, and our expert technicians will be sure to give your tyres the attention they require.

Why are tyre checks so important?

Regular tyre checks are important to keep you and your passengers safe on the road and can also contribute to improved fuel efficiency, leading to lower fuel bills.

Worn, under-inflated tyres, or the wrong type of tyres for your vehicle can all lead to increased fuel consumption.

After tyres reach a certain level of wear, they can let out a squealing noise and become harmful to the environment, polluting the air with rubber particles.

It is a legal requirement for your tyres to be the correct type, size and purpose for your vehicle.

You can risk three penalty points on your license and a fine of up to £2,500 per tyre if your tyres are over or under-inflated enough to be deemed unroadworthy.

What does a free tyre check include

A Vertu Motors free tyre check includes a visual inspection and assessment of general wear and damage, tread depth and tyre pressure.

Each check is carried out by our team of expert technicians, who will be able to advise if your tyres need replacing and complete a full vehicle health check (VHC) too.

During the vehicle health check our technicians will complete a comprehensive inspection of your car, and will also plug your vehicle into self-test equipment to install any software updates.

You will also receive a video of the VHC showing you the overall condition of your car, highlighting any defects found during the checks.

How long does a tyre check take?

Our free assessment takes around 20 minutes to fully inspect all tyres and complete a vehicle health check.

How can I maintain the condition of my tyres?

To keep your tyres in top condition, we recommend that you:

  • Avoid overloading your vehicle
  • Try not to mount kerbs
  • Refrain from excessive speeding or rapid braking
  • Regularly check tyre pressure, tread depth, and look for any signs of wear and damage.