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Book your Motability service and MOT at Vertu Motors

Regular servicing keeps your vehicle safe and performing at its best. But the thought of your Motability car being off the road? It can be daunting.

When you join the Motability Scheme there's no need to stress about servicing and MOTs. Our Motability specialists will take care of the hard work for you and help you stay mobile with a courtesy car.

Don't worry about any unexpected bills, all Motability servicing and MOT costs are included as part of your worry-free package.

Why Choose Vertu Motors for your Motability Service and MOT?

Our sales and service colleagues are Motability accredited

Comfortable waiting area with complimentary refreshments

We aim to keep you mobile with a courtesy car

Collection and delivery service available

Our technicians are accredited to manufacturer standards

What's included in a Motability service?

During your Motability service our technicians will complete a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle, which usually includes the following checks:

Engine oil

Windscreen washer fluid

Engine cooling system


Tyre tread

Depending on manufacturer requirements there may be some additional checks on items such as brake pads or filters. If you're unsure what checks your car needs, get in touch with your managing dealership and we'll be happy to help.

Life doesn't stop because your car needs servicing, and we'll always try and provide you with a courtesy car to keep you mobile.

We recommend contacting your managing dealership ahead of your service appointment to arrange a courtesy car. If a courtesy car isn't available, don't worry. We will try our best to accommodate you and make other arrangements.

To make servicing your Motability car that little bit easier, we also offer a collection and delivery service. To arrange collection and delivery, contact your dealership before your appointment.

What's a Motability MOT?

An MOT is a legal requirement that also forms part of your Motability Scheme lease agreement. It's important that your MOT is carried out in good time, before the end of the standard three-year lease. An MOT must be carried out whether you intend to hand your car back or extend your current agreement.

During your MOT appointment, sit back, and relax in our comfortable space with complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi.

Motability Vehicle Health Checks

Is your Motability car performing at its best? Our vehicle health check will help you find out.

Whenever you bring your Motability car into one of our dealerships for a service or MOT, we'll complete a free vehicle health check. A vehicle health check is a full inspection from bumper to bumper, looking at important areas such as brakes, wheels, and tyres.

After the check, you'll receive a video covering the overall health of your Motability car, which also highlights any issues found.

RAC Breakdown Cover

As part of your worry-free Motability package, you will receive RAC breakdown cover for the full duration of your lease. In the event your Motability car breaks down, pull your vehicle over to a safe space and call 0800 73 111 73 immediately. To help RAC assist you as best they can, their specialist team will ask for important information including:

Your name and vehicle registration

Your exact location and details of what has happened

If any of your passengers use a wheelchair or require medical attention

RAC phone lines are open 24/7 and technicians aim to be with you within 45 minutes.


Do Motability cars have to be serviced?

Just like any other vehicle, your Motability car needs regular servicing to keep it running at top performance. Regular servicing in-line with the manufacturer's recommended schedule is also part of your leasing agreement.

At the beginning of your lease, you'll be assigned a specific dealership, also known as your managing dealership. Any servicing or MOTs will be carried out at your managing dealership.

Do Motability cars need an MOT?

Standard Motability leases are three years, and your car will only need one MOT just before the end of your contract. If you decide to extend your Motability lease, your car will need an MOT every year thereafter. Your managing dealership will be in touch when your MOT is due to book an appointment.

Do I need to pay for a service or MOT on my Motability vehicle?

At the beginning of your lease a servicing schedule will be agreed, which will be at set times throughout your lease or mileage specific. Any servicing or MOTs are included as part of your worry-free package.

What happens if my Motability vehicle fails its MOT?

If your Motability vehicle fails its MOT, don't panic. You'll receive a failure report from your qualified nominated MOT tester, who will be able to advise you on the next steps.

Any issues that resulted in the failure will need to be repaired before an MOT re-test is carried out.

Do I have to pay for repairs on my Motability car?

General wear and tear items are covered by the Motability Scheme. However, if the damage is more substantial, it's likely that you'll need to make a claim through your RSA Motability insurance policy.

Keeping RSA Motability updated with any vehicle issues, including cosmetic or mechanical issues, helps you keep on top of any problems that might occur.

What happens if my Motability car gets written off?

If your Motability car gets written off, you'll have full support from RSA Motability who'll be able to help you navigate this difficult time.

Your Motability car will classify as a total loss if it's stolen or involved in an accident where the damage is unrepairable. This classification can take up to five days for an accident, or up to three weeks if stolen.

The RSA Motability total loss team will keep you updated every step of the way and request any further information needed.

RSA Motability will also be able to help you to:

  • Organise a hire car
  • Submit a new Motability application
  • Settle the previous vehicle's contract

I've been involved in accident - what should I do?

If you are involved in an accident, you should always contact RSA Motability as soon as possible, even if there's no visible damage to your vehicle. RSA Motability will be able to help you manage the situation and give you advice on what to do next.

You can also check your insurance booklet for a full breakdown of what is covered.