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Let us get your vehicle road trip ready with our Summer Check.

Longer days and warmer weather are here at last. But those harsh winter months can take their toll on a vehicle. So, before you set off, let our expert service engineers give your vehicle the all-clear.

Book your Summer Check and hit the open road with us today.

We offer a choice of packages to suit your vehicle's needs.

All our packages involve a detailed inspection which includes checking your brakes, tyres, and steering. If your vehicle's fluids are low, we will top up the oil, coolant, power steering fluid and windscreen washer solution too.

  • £39.99

    Detox Package

    • Fuel system detox to clean fuel lines and injectors
    • Air Con treatment to remove bacteria and freshen the interior
    • Vehicle health check
  • £109.99

    Combination Package

    • Fuel system detox to clean fuel lines and injectors
    • Air Con treatment, removing bacteria and freshening the interior
    • Full Air con service including system gas recharge
    • Vehicle health check
  • £99.99

    Air Con Package

    • Full Air Con service, protecting your aircon unit from damage
    • Full system gas recharge and debris approval
    • Vehicle health check

Fluids can run low if unchecked. We will check them all, screen wash, oil and coolant included, topping them up if necessary.

After heavy use through all-weathers, your wipers, washers, and lights will get a thorough quality check from us.

Rough driving conditions can have a damaging effect. We will get underneath and examine steering, brakes, suspension, and exhaust.

When our check is complete, we will provide a comprehensive report on your car, highlighting any issues that need attention.


Choose your Air Con fragrance.

Air conditioning systems can build up bacteria when they're not in regular use, especially in winter. Our Summer Check includes an air conditioning treatment that kills 99.999% of bacteria and leaves the interior scented with a choice of Apple, Blueberry, Lemon, or Rush fragrances, or you can choose a fragrance-free option. *Detox and combination packages only.