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For breakdown services, winter's the busiest time of year. Ice, rain and snow test a car's components to the limit. Batteries that don't hold charge. Antifreeze that's too weak. Wipers that smear rather than clear.

So make sure your car's fit to face the worst of winter - book your Winter Check today and we'll find any weak links before the weather does.

We'll give your vehicle a detailed examination. Does the battery hold a full charge? Is the antifreeze the correct strength? Are tyres too worn to grip in the rain?

We'll check fluid levels, including screenwash, oil, and coolant, topping up if necessary.

Low light levels and murky conditions cut visibility during winter months, so we'll check your wipers, washers and lights.

We'll get underneath and examine steering, brakes, suspension and exhaust.

When the check's complete, we'll present you with a report highlighting any issues that may need attention.

Items Included*

Ice scraper

Screen demist pad

Headlight sponge

600ml De-Icer

Touchscreen Gloves (ideal for texting in the cold)

Traction Mats (to get you out of a slippery situation)

Also includes six screen wash tablets

*Pack contents may vary.

Cost of the Winter Check is just £34.99.

To book your vehicle in, click below. And we'll take care of every detail.