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The new all-electric

MINI Countryman

Spacious, sophisticated, and suited to any adventure, the new MINI Countryman is MINI to the max. For the very first time, the new MINI Countryman is now also available as a fully electric vehicle. Explore the new Countryman and put it to the test at your local Vertu MINI centre today.

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Exterior styling

The new MINI Countryman is far from mini - now 13cm longer and 8cm taller than the previous version. It's the largest model in the lineup and has a powerful and imposing presence. Its bold, rugged design exudes a real aura of confidence.

Design highlights include:

  • Interior design

    The interior of the new Countryman is an inviting space. Furnished with high-quality materials and the latest technology, it offers a premium experience.

    The new circular OLED touchscreen is centrally positioned on the dashboard. It serves as both the infotainment system and instrument cluster, contributing to the minimalistic aesthetic. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto feature as standard, and the system is extremely user-friendly. State-of-the-art OLED technology ensures crystal-clear graphics.

    The dashboard is covered with a smart polyester fabric made from recycled materials. This soft touch contributes to the warm, relaxed ambience inside the Countryman.

    Choose from three style options (Classic, Exclusive, and Sport) to express yourself uniquely. Each offers bespoke features and design details from the dashboard to the headliner.

Charging and range

Next-generation technology means you can bid farewell to range anxiety and relish every journey.

The new MINI Countryman Electric is available in two trims: E and SE. Both models feature the same 64.7kWh battery. The E trim boasts a longer range of up to 287 miles, while the SE trim can reach 269 miles (WLTP).

Numerous onboard systems enhance driving efficiency to extend your range. Green driving mode conserves energy and offers helpful guidance. At the end of each journey, it will display how many bonus miles you have earned.

The MINI Navigation system supports EV Routing. This allows you to monitor your charge status and locate charging points on the go, ensuring you never run out of power.

New all-electric MINI Countryman E

The MINI Countryman E can charge from 10-80% using a 130kW public charger in just 29 minutes. At home, using an 11kW source, a full charge will take around six and a half hours.




287 miles (up to)

10-80% in

29 mins

Home charge

6.5 hours

New all-electric MINI Countryman SE

The MINI Countryman SE can charge from 10-80% using a 130kW public charger in just 29 minutes. At home, it supports 22kW charging, achieving a full charge in just three hours and forty-five minutes.




269 miles (up to)

10-80% in

29 mins

Home charge

3.75 hours

OLED Screen

Digital experience

Get ready for an unparalleled digital experience with the new MINI Countryman.

The state-of-the-art OLED touchscreen and MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant are at your service.

Simply say, "Hey MINI," to activate the voice assistant. Managing key vehicle functions just got a whole lot easier. Whether you're enquiring about your journey or engaging in casual conversation, it is at your command!

The MINI smartphone app allows you to plan routes, locate your parked car, and check door locks. Additionally, service reminders are delivered when needed.

If you prefer to consider your technological features in more detail, functions can be added later, for your convenience.

MINI Countryman

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