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As you may have already seen, Motability have predicted that advance payments may increase for new vehicle orders from October... but did you know that if you place your application before 30th September, you can LOCK IN the current pricing and protect yourself from the increase?

If you're due to renew this year, or are new to Motability, our award-winning team of Motability Specialists is available to help you process your new vehicle order before any pricing changes take place.

1. Book an appointment

Our friendly and knowledgeable Motability Specialists will be with you every step of the way. From checking eligibility, to choosing the right car to sorting out all of the paperwork.

In our dealerships, you will see that we're doing things a little differently to keep you and our colleagues safe. Strict social distancing and hand washing policies, desk screens, contactless handovers, stringent cleaning processes - and masks, gloves and hand sanitiser are made available for all customers and colleagues.

You can be sure that we take your safety very seriously, and have invested heavily in making our dealerships as safe a retail space as they can possibly be.

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2. Choose your car

We have lots of vehicles to choose from - many with NIL advance payment! Either browse online or speak to one of our Motability Specialists who can help to find the right car for you.

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3. Beat the deadline!

Your Motability Specialist will process your order urgently, and do everything possible to beat that 30th September deadline.

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