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5 Reasons You Should Make The Switch With The BMW i3

5 Reasons You Should Make The Switch With The BMW i3

The new BMW i3 has transformed what it means to sit behind the wheel of an all-electric vehicle. It’s an EV with outstanding performance and technology, exceptional comfort and a unique and iconic design; born electric, the BMW i3 is in a league of its own.

If you’re on the verge of making the switch to something more eco-friendly, with zero carbon emissions and lower running costs, the new BMW i3 could be the game-changer you were waiting for.

But don’t just take our word for it: as of March 2018, over 10,000 BMW i3 vehicles are on UK roads. The new i3 is incredibly popular for many reasons – from range to performance, find out why it’s an outstanding EV that has it all...

Pure Electric Power

You’ll soon learn the ultimate power of electric, with the new BMW i3.

When behind the wheel of the new i3 you can expect an impeccably smooth, capable and extremely agile drive.

The i3 is 100% electric, yet unmistakably BMW. With its surprising range and innovative driver assistance features, combined with extensive charging points across the UK, it represents a whole new way to drive electric.

Going The Extra Mile

Whilst producing zero CO2 emissions, the i3 offers up to an impressive 188 miles of pure electric urban driving. Since the average UK journey is around 30 miles, that’s more than most would need during a busy day.

Plus, with just 35 minutes needed to charge the i3 up to 80% at a rapid charging station, the new i3 is ready for anything and to go anywhere – nothing is off limits.

(If you’re worried about running out of ‘juice’ on the go, did you know that the UK now has over 30,000 electric vehicle charging points dotted around everywhere? You can find your nearest one on our helpful map, here.)

At Your Assistance And In Tune With You

Discover a car that gets to know you properly. The new BMW i3 is technologically tailored to you, as the Intelligent Personal Assistant learns and remembers your behaviour to maximise your comfort, safety and driving enjoyment.

With a 'Hey BMW’ or a touch of the high-resolution widescreen display, you can access the car's features, making it easy to choose a playlist or select a destination to navigate to.

Over time, the state-of-the-art Assistant will start personalising every journey to suit you perfectly – it will even offer suggestions based on your habits.

The BMW Of Electric Cars

The iconic and eye-catching BMW kidney grille features a frame with accents in blue, as a nod to the vehicle’s flow of electric power from its motors.

In addition, the i3’s striking U-shaped LED daytime running lights are a fresh interpretation of BMW light design and give the front of the vehicle a distinctively impressive look.

The high-gloss black element which runs from the bonnet, across the roof and to the rear is particularly striking; it visually divides the new BMW i3 and emphasises its dynamic character.

To the rear, the U-shaped LED taillights behind the black-glazed tailgate are yet another elegant and unique i3 detail.

Inside, many elements of the interior, including the trim, upholstery and colours, were also exclusively developed for the i3. Every detail has been carefully considered to make sure it’s exceptionally comfortable, luxurious and in parts, completely made form sustainable materials.

Sustainably Engineered

The BMW i3 marks a new era in sustainable mobility, so your driving has less impact on the world around you. From natural to recycled materials, the i3 has been built with a conscience.

Approximately 27 used plastic bottles go into every new BMW i3 to form parts of the seats and doors, whilst a usual car’s petroleum-based plastics have been replaced by natural materials like Kenaf, which is harvested from malva plants and is 30% lighter.

In addition, the i3 has been manufactured in BMW’s state-of-the-art Leipzig plant, in which the production line runs entirely on renewable wind power. Through and through, the i3 is car sent from the future.

The incredible BMW i3 is available now. With all that it has to offer and over 30,000 charging points ready and waiting across the UK, isn’t it time you went electric?

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