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Ewan McGregor talks about his lifelong love for Volkswagen vehicles.
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A List Actor Becomes Volkswagen Partner

A List Actor Becomes Volkswagen Partner

Ewan McGregor talks about his lifelong love for Volkswagen vehicles.


  • Evan McGregor’s first car was Volkswagen Beetle
  • The actor would still choose Volkswagen Beetle for coastline drives
  • New 100% electric ID. Buzz is available to order now


There is a clear buzz in the air around Volkswagen. This may be due to a familiar face, teaming up with the German manufacturer to showcase the vehicles' importance on his life.

Ewan McGregor is a multi-award-winning actor and has been voted as the fourth most influential person in Britain in 2004. The Scotsman is a significant part of British culture, being featured in major franchises such as Trainspotting and Star Wars.


A memorable first car

During the interview with Volkswagen, McGregor reminisces on his first car - an iconic Volkswagen Beetle. He revealed that to this day, it would still be his choice for a coastline drive.

The Volkswagen Beetle was symbol of the 60s, with 21,529,464 bubbly cars manufactured. The classic is also the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single platform ever made.

The Beetle became the world's best-selling model in 1972, making it the perfect first car for many. Including Ewan McGregor.

Owning the bubbly car started his lifetime love for Volkswagen. McGregor has since owned more classic Beetles over in the US and recently even converted one into an electric vehicle.

The award-winning actor has also owned two Volkswagen Westfalia Campers in his life, praising its practicality as a family car. The iconic model is also incredibly comfortable to drive, designed for longer journeys.


A List Actor Becomes Volkswagen Partner


Buzzing for the ID. Buzz

As a self-confessed Volkswagen nerd, McGregor is excited for the new ID. Buzz model. The new car has also been anticipated amongst the other fans for several years.

The ID. Buzz is the first in its generation, both in innovation and design. The design pays tribute to the legendary T1 model by maintaining the distinctive look. The new flowing silhouette remains as a style-defining feature in the model.

The new model also represents the Volkswagen's transition towards carbon neutral motoring.


A List Actor Becomes Volkswagen Partner


As the ‘Car of the Year’ in the prestigious What Car? 2023 awards, the new ID. Buzz is here to make an impression. As well as being a perfect family car, it is fully electric. It makes it the ultimate vehicle for families who love adventures, but care about environment.

The sustainability doesn't end with the electric powertrain. The seat covers and interior headlining of the new model are composed of recycled materials. The new ID. Buzz integrates futuristic features within the finer details of the car.

McGregor is a long-time UNICEF UK Goodwill Ambassador, campaigning for charitable causes. One of the key missions is to make future of mobility more sustainability, making him the perfect ambassador for change.


ID. Buzz highlights

  • New, intelligent assist systems
  • Ambient lighting, with up to 30 colour options
  • ID. Light
  • A spacious cabin
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Removable and multifunctional ID. Buzz box


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