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ACE's of Mercedes-Benz

ACE's of Mercedes-Benz

The luxury of Mercedes-Benz is renowned worldwide. The refinement, comfort and stunning drive marks their signature feel, while their in-car technology defines them as pioneers in the premium class. The deluxe giants will take any number of miles in their stride, with every inch of the road being soaked up in one delightful drive.

From saloons to wagons, or hatchbacks to vans, they have it all. In this exclusive article, we take a look at the most popular features of our favourite Mercedes-Benz models:




The Mercedes A-Class captures all there is to love about the brand, and fits it all into a compact five-door hatch, packing their essence in abundance. With the most distinctive look and quality feel, it’s no surprise that the miniature Mercedes has proven incredibly popular. Whilst it is fair to say the current market for premium hatchbacks is full of key rivals, the A-Class doesn’t fail to stand out. The beauty about the A-Class is that it doesn’t have a point to prove - it’s subtlety and sleek styling makes it a cut above the rest, and the drive speaks for itself. 


In Car Tech

One of the key new features of this car is the Apple Car Play connectivity, syncing your iPhone for your road trip tunes, emails, and even social networks to check while you’re not on the move. You can control your device directly from the steering wheel too, eliminating the distraction of your mobile phone. 

The tablet-style infotainment screen is extremely easy to navigate, with the rotary controls on the centre console making all your journeys completely hassle free!

Engines and Economy


The A-Class has a wide range of engines and trims available, meaning your choice of spec can be tailored around your driving needs. With options between Diesel or Petrol, manual or automatic, and of course a variety of engine sizes, there is no doubt you’ll be able to find a model that suits you. With the ‘entry level’ A160 Se already quoting 52.3MPG, good economy is a sure thing with this hatchback – the likes of the A180D Se will see you reach up to 80.7MPG!




One of many great things about the A-Class is its price. People often associate premium drives with staggering costs, and why wouldn’t you? ‘You get what you pay for’, right? Well the A-Class is an exception - this car doesn’t follow trends, it sets them. Owning a Mercedes is more affordable than you think, with an entry model costing less than £22k.

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The best knows no alternative. If you’re looking for a premium compact sedan, then look no further than the offering from Mercedes-Benz. Its introduction in 1993 saw the C-Class as the entry point to the Mercedes-Benz range, but overtime, its evolution and luxury design has seen the sedan climb upmarket, bringing comfort and convenience in the form of this stunning model. As the popularity of this super sedan grows as quick as its 0-60mph time, let’s take a look at our favourite features:



This compact saloon provides pure bliss and solace behind the wheel. It’s robust engineering makes it a perfect choice, no matter what the journey. As for its quality, well it doesn’t fall short of the typical Mercedes-Benz flagship, offering everything you’d expect and more.


One thing that stands out with the with the sedan is its extensive range of standard equipment, including an infotainment system capable of syncing every aspect of your iPhone to its tablet-like display. The all-new artificial leather interior design makes the C-Class feel as fresh as ever, matching both comfort and performance in one sensational drive.

A cut above the rest´┐Ż

In a market that is heavily populated with compact sedans, the offering from Mercedes-Benz remains a cut above the rest. A quick look at the history of Mercedes-Benz shows just how influential the German manufacturer has been, with Karl Benz building the first automobile in 1885. Since this birth in the motoring World, there’s denying just how far ahead of the curve Mercedes-Benz have been, and the C-Class is no exception. In fact, it’s a perfect example! Competing with the likes of the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Jaguar XE, the C-Class is nothing but a landmark of luxury and reliability.

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Whilst cars themselves are of course important to their manufacturers, they are rarely as crucial as the E-Class model to Mercedes-Benz. This full size executive contender is the backbone of the German company’s range and a firm favourite in any corporate car park. The E-Class is the very definition of prestige, with rivalry from Audi, BMW and Jaguar are forever being overshadowed. 



The most significant difference between the E-Class and its smaller sibling – the C-Class – is its size. The super sedan holds a sheer presence on the road that leaves other cars running scared. Not only does it redefine a luxury drive, but whether you’re badge conscious or not, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class makes a statement, so you don’t have to.

Choice of body type


With the E-Class, the choice of saloon or estate can be difficult, both offering a flawless drive. Whether you’re travelling the height of the country on business, or need something suited for the family trips, the E-Class will provide every element of a perfect drive no matter what the shape. The estate will, of course, provide additional space, but in a car that already puts space and comfort at the same priority of its rich drive, the decision is yours.


Economy and affordability

Despite the misconception, the E-Class is incredibly well priced. It’s £400 cheaper than its Audi A6 rival when comparing their entry levels, and less than half the price of an entry level Jaguar XJ. What’s more, the E-Class is incredibly efficient, with the likes of the E350E Se quoting an astonishing 134.5mpg! 

There’s no doubt then that the affordability of an E-Class disproves all common beliefs. While a new reputation for buttoned-down efficiency and reasonable pricing forms, the E-Class retains a sensible side but dials up the desirability, offering a smarter and more prestigious product that casts a shadow on its rivals.

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It’s clear that in an ever-growing market where executive and luxury drives are growing in appeal, Mercedes-Benz have so much to offer. Your perfect drive comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. Not only are their products driving so far ahead of their competition, they are leaving them behind.

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Author: David Winter