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The move hopes to expand the public charging network on a global scale and make charging easier than ever for Audi drivers.
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Audi Launches New Charging Service in 27 European Countries

Audi Launches New Charging Service in 27 European Countries

Audi, the German automotive manufacturer, has discontinued its current e-tron Charging Service. The new Audi charging service was launched on the 1st of January, 2023.

The Audi charging service is designed only for Audi customers who have a plug-in hybrid or a battery-electric vehicle. It is available in 27 European countries, including the United Kingdom.

The new charging service promises to offer nearly 400,000 charging points across the continent, operated by 800 charge point operators (CPO).

Audi promises that the charging points have approximately 1,900 high-performance chargers (HPC) from IONITY, Europe's high-power charging network for electric vehicles. The HPCs allow rapid charging with up to 350 kilowatts of power and are often located near major roads.

The IONITY network is a joint venture by BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, Volkswagen Group, and Mercedes-Benz Group. Other automotive manufacturers have been urged to join to expand the charging network within Europe.

The new charging service will cooperate with the Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH and its Elli brand. As Audi is part of Volkswagen Group, it is not surprising that Audi has now joined the Group Charging GmbH.

The tariffs

Audi's current and new customers choosing to switch to the new Audi charging service are given a choice between three tariffs – basic, plus and pro.

This one has no base fee; however, the prices per kilowatt are significantly higher than other tariffs. The Audi drivers that mainly charge their EVs at home and use public charging stations rarely are offered the basic tariff.

Audi offers the plus tariff for individuals who occasionally need to charge their EVs at a public charging station. The monthly fee for the tariff is £6.95 and cost-effective pricing in all AC and DC Audi charging stations is ensured.

The third tariff, pro, has been designed for EV drivers who regularly charge their vehicles at public charging stations, often not having the opportunity to charge their EV at home.

The base monthly fee for a pro tariff is £12.95; however, the cost per kilowatt hour at AC charging points is as low as £0.35 and £0.43 at fast DC charging points.

If choosing to charge the EV on the IONITY, the pro tariff cost is even lower, at £0.31 per kilowatt hour. Audi will pay the base fee of the pro tariff for the first year.

Charging with myAudi app

Audi drivers can find the nearest compatible charging point location from the vehicle’s Multi-Media Interface or with their myAudi application. While at the charging point, the charging process can be started with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) card provided or via the app. You will be charged via the same payment method chosen as in the myAudi app.

A “Plug & Charge” function, which promises to be more convenient, will be available at other charging providers soon. Currently, the function available on the Q4 e-tron and Q8 e-tron is only to be found with IONITY. The function is due to be launched.

Electric Future of Audi

The manufacturer has big plans for the future of EV charging. Markus Duesmann, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, commented: “Charging has to be as easy as refuelling – and ideally even more convenient”.

Audi has planned to invest approximately 18 billion euros in its electric future. The manufacturer has announced previously that its range will be fully electric by 2026. Looking to find your next Audi EV?

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