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Introducing the new all-electric BMW iX. Read on to learn more.
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BMW iX: The Future Has Arrived

BMW iX: The Future Has Arrived

It’s quite easy to lose track of new models, new technology, and new features; it seems that every week a manufacturer is offering ‘the latest’ technology.

But occasionally, a manufacturer launches a new model or new tech, and it changes things... you just know that things will be different after the latest launch. BMW has just done that, with the BMW iX electric sports activity vehicle.


Top 5 Features of the BMW iX


BMW iX Models

Two models will be available, the iX xDrive40, and the iX xDrive 50. As it’s still so new, BMW is being a little coy with the figures, but the headlines are:

iX iDrive40

249 miles of range, more than 300 horsepower, 0-62mph in a shade over six seconds, and a 10-80% charge in less than 40 minutes using 150kW charging infrastructure.

iX iDrive50

373 mile range, 0-62mph in less than five seconds, over 500 brake horsepower, and a similar 10-80% charge in forty minutes, using a 200kW charge point.

Both models have dual electric motors, giving full all-wheel drive using the 5th generation eDrive technology which uses the latest BMW electric drive system.

Shy Technology

Shy technology, yes it really is a thing, now.

BMW has adopted the phrase to highlight just how unobtrusive their tech is; “drivers can now enjoy a minimal and almost-hidden world of intelligent functionality.” Essentially, this is BMW trying to take away all of the unnecessary things about owning a car.

As an example, the iX will feature a fixed clamshell-style bonnet – there’s no need for a customer to lift a traditional bonnet, so that’s been taken care of. But of course, you’re wondering about the practicalities now aren’t you? BMW has thought of everything - and solved everything.

Take the windscreen washer fluid – it’s filled through the BMW badge at the front of the car. It’s the smaller details like this that will make the iX xDrive work for you.

And they’ve incorporated it into the technology as well. You can control all of the systems through the iDrive, using natural voice or gesture control, it should be as simple as talking to your smart speaker at home.

Design Drive

Everything about the iX seems beautiful, although granted, the style takes some getting used to. Look beyond the immediate design, and the details are stunning. The transparent, intelligent centre console is a thing of beauty – the 12.3-inch driver information display merges seamlessly with the 14.9-inch control display to create a singular curved display unit. Clever and very cool.

The front end of the iX is perhaps the most striking feature, featuring that grille, which isn’t really a grille – it’s just a housing for the tech, but it compliments the headlights well. Incidentally, the headlights are the narrowest twin headlights ever produced by BMW. They are super modern and complete the look entirely.

As for the rest... flush door handles, frameless doors, and seamless integration of the tailgate. It all just works together as a fantastic package.

So now we’ve whet the appetite, why not get in touch with one of the team to find out more details? Honestly, you’ll be glad you did.

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