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The Department of Transport give £2.3 million to wireless charging projects.
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Electric Car Charging Points To Become Wireless

Electric Car Charging Points To Become Wireless

The UK is working towards a cable free future for electric vehicles by working on wireless charging points.

There is already £40 million being pumped into electric vehicle projects to help fund infrastructure development, and the Department of Transport have now awarded Char.gy £2.3 million to begin a project on building wireless charge points.

According to Char.gy, it won’t be long until the UK streets have there first wireless charging points installed, as the wireless charging project is set to begin in 2020.

But, how does wireless charging work?

It’s simple. A pad is installed on the underside of your vehicle, which needs to be in line with another pad underneath the road surface. Induction charging will then occur, passing an electric flow to charge up your car!

At the moment, adaptation to electric cars would have to be undertaken to fit the pads, which would cost around £1000.

However, the funding Char.gy has received means that there is the option for some to be installed for free.

Wireless charging would diminish any concerns of wires cluttering the streets, and would also benefit those who live in accommodation, like flats, that don’t have the facilities for a standard charge point.  

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Image Credit: Gov.uk