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VW have revealed the new pricing and specifications for the all-new Golf 8, due to come out later this year.
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Get To Know The All-New 2020 Volkswagen Golf

Get To Know The All-New 2020 Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen have revealed the new pricing and specifications for the all-new Golf 8, due to come out later this year.

The Golf has been one of the most successful European cars for over the past four decades – it is no surprise that the eighth generation of the model will uphold this trend.

The initial launch line-up comprises of just two trim variants, Life and Style. The R-Line will follow later, as will sporty GTI, GTD, GTE and R versions, and even an estate variant.

Although the outside of the all-new Golf 8 looks iconically recognisable, the inside has had a technological renovation.

The all-new Golf will be price ranged from around £23,875.

As standard, the all-new Golf has 16-inch alloys, automatic LED headlights, all-round parking sensors, auto wipers and 10-colour ambient interior lighting.

Keyless start is also included, which can be upgraded to keyless entry for £400.

The Golf Style will start from £25,470 and add a set of larger 17-inch alloy wheels and a pair of tweaked LED headlamps, while the interior cabin is upgraded with wood-style trim inserts, more ambient lighting colours and ‘Art Velours’ seat upholstery.

The Eighth Generation Exterior

Besides a slightly wider profile than the familiar Golf shape, the Golf 8’s exterior now has new intricately designed headlights to increase visibility and the overall safety for driving at night. VW have said that the Golf 8 is to be a ‘truly modern hatchback’.

The Golf 8 has integrated fog lights as standard, however comes with the option to upgrade to LED lights that include Dynamic Light Assist. DLA automatically adjusts brightness when oncoming traffic is detected.

Sitting a little lower to the ground, the Golf 8 is expected to offer a more responsive performance.

A Completely Revamped Interior

The interior of the new Golf sees the biggest difference from past models – the upholstery is more premium, and the technology has been revolutionised.

The eighth segment of the Golf evolution showcases Volkswagen’s most advanced connectivity and driver assistance systems.

Taking centre stage within the new Golf is what is termed the ‘Innovation Cockpit’ - a large 10-inch display with much fewer buttons to navigate on the dashboard.

A lot of the usual dials and sliders that VW owners have been accustomed to now have touchscreen equivalents – tidying up the interface and offering easy access to many functionalities.

Voice Control

The all-new Golf includes voice control to operate a number of features. The driver may select between radio stations, scroll through their address book, or change course on the Sat-Nav. Golf 8 owners may also use voice commands to adjust the setting of an optional Adaptive Cruise Control feature.

The new Golf 8 comes with an optional ambient lighting package, which gives drivers a choice in illuminating the interior. A selection of 32 different colours are available!

A Personal Driving Assistant

To further the Golf 8’s Driver Assistance experience, VW have included Park Assist, which reveals if a space is large enough to fit into and then parks for you.

Volkswagen have also incorporated Travel Assist into the new Golf model, which keeps the vehicle in the lane it’s travelling in.

Travel Assist can additionally automate acceleration and braking to make driving in heavy traffic less tiring for the driver.

More Choices and Greener Options

The new Golf will be the first VW to launch onto the market with five hybrid options.

The choice will include a revamped GTE-badged plug-in hybrid - their most powerful hybrid option yet.

Find out more about what features the all-new Golf GTE has, here.

Due to go on sale in the UK later this year, keep your eyes peeled for when the all-new Golf 8 becomes available at Vertu Motors.

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