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The all-new and all-electric Honda e has been crowned the car with the 'Best In-Car Technology', at Autocar's ‘Britain’s Best Cars’ Awards 2020. Find out what made it a worthy winner.
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Honda E Wins Britain's 'Best In-Car Tech' Award

Honda E Wins Britain's 'Best In-Car Tech' Award

This week, Autocar have revealed the winners of their 2020 ‘Britain’s Best Cars’ Awards, in which the categories reflect what the British public want out of their next new car.

Autocar’s small team of judges picked winners based not just on a car’s ‘objective merits’ but also on ‘more nuanced and subjective factors’, such as how likeable and enjoyable a car is. The winners of each class will be able to call themselves the country’s best cars, to drive and own.

It’s no surprise then, that the all-new and all-electric Honda e has been celebrated for housing the ‘Best In-Car Technology’.

The debut electric vehicle Honda recently launched, comes with a cabin like nothing else seen on the market. The Honda e’s interior only complements its futuristic exterior.

As Autocar declared: ‘A truly 21st century cabin helped Honda's small EV scoop a prize at this year's Britain's Best Car Awards.’

Inside the new Honda e, it’s clear the contemporary and advanced design was focused around the technology.

The personalised infotainment system comes in the form of two impressive 12.3-inch touchscreens. Autocar praised the way the displays can be passed between driver and passenger, allowing a ‘co-pilot’ to change the radio or input destinations into the sat-nav, without their wiggling fingers entering your eyeline.

Autocar also recognised the car’s unique ability to switch these screens to displays of your choice - for example, a calming Japanese garden or a tropical aquarium.

Autocar also commended the e’s show-stopping feature: its rear-view cameras that replace wing mirrors. As well as providing a clearer, safer and wider rear-view image to the driver, these sleek exterior cameras also increase the car’s aerodynamic efficiency.

Autocar commented that the Honda e comes with ‘a very happy combination of hardware and software still so rarely seen in the car industry, and it has the kind of break-out appeal to please tech enthusiasts.’

Autocar concluded the Honda e’s technology is a cut above the rest: ‘The E shows a new way of doing it: get the tech team involved at the very start of the process, rather than the end, design the cutting-edge tech into the car from its conception and move the game on accordingly.’

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