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If your car is damaged in an accident, our Vertu Motors Accident Aftercare service is here to help.
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Introducing Vertu Motors Accident Aftercare

Introducing Vertu Motors Accident Aftercare

An accident doesn't have to be a disaster.

We’ve all experienced that sickening crunch as our precious car’s bodywork meets a solid object. And the feeling that you’d just like to replay the last twenty seconds.

But if you do have an accident – and most of us will, at some time in our lives – there’s a simple way to put things right, with just one call.

Vertu Motors Accident Aftercare is a service we offer all Vertu Motors customers. Our team of friendly advisors will take care of arranging an estimate from a manufacturer-approved bodywork, and once the repair is approved, they’ll also arrange a courtesy car while it’s done (equivalent to your own car if the accident wasn’t your fault).

Your insurer may have their own preferred repairers, of course. But you may not know that it’s your choice where your car is repaired. And with Vertu Motors Accident Aftercare you can be sure the work will be done properly, to the highest standards.

With the increasing use of high-strength steels and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in car platforms, it’s vital that repairs are done correctly, to maintain your car’s value and safety. Not to mention that showroom-fresh appearance.

You can’t turn back the clock when an accident happens. But you can make your car as good as new, with just one call.

Read more about the Vertu Motors Accident Aftercare service, alternatively put Vertu Motors Accident Aftercare in your contacts, phone number 0330 1088902.

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