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Use your new vehicle payment as an advance deposit for your next vehicle
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Motability Announces £750 New Vehicle Payment

Motability Announces £750 New Vehicle Payment

  • Motability £750 New Vehicle Payment valid from 1st March 2023
  • Those eligible can now use the New Vehicle Payment towards the Advance Payment
  • If Advance Payment is more than £750, customers will pay the difference
  • Optional accessories cannot be covered by using New Vehicle Payment


Motability has launched a New Vehicle Payment. The amount has been increased to £750 as a response to the increased cost of living.

All eligible customers can send their New Vehicle Payment directly to a dealer towards their next vehicle. Instead of receiving the payment after collecting their new vehicle, they can use it to cover the Advance Payment.

You can find out if you are eligible by answering a few questions here.


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Motability Advanced Payment


How does it work?

You can choose to send New Vehicle Payment to the chosen dealership, as an Advance Payment for your next Motability vehicle.

The dealership will ask you about this when you order your next car or wheelchair-accessible vehicle (WAV). If you are happy to do this, Motability will arrange everything for you.

You will receive a letter confirming that you wish to use your New Vehicle Payment towards your new vehicle’s Advance Payment. The letter will be sent after the order has been approved.


Frequently Asked Questions


What if my Advance Payment is more than £750?

You are required to pay the difference between the New Vehicle Payment and Advance Payment. You can pay this to your dealership prior to taking the delivery of your vehicle.

As an example, if your vehicle’s Advance Payment is £1,000, you need to pay the difference £250 to your dealership yourself.


What if my Advance Payment is less than £750?

Motability will provide you with the difference within 1-2 weeks of receiving your vehicle. The excess will be transferred to your bank account if you have saved your details in the Motability Scheme online account. If you haven’t, you will receive a cheque instead.


Can I choose not to send my New Vehicle Payment to the dealership?

Yes. Motability will automatically send you the full amount after you have received your new car.

The amount is sent by bank transfer, if you have your details saved in your Motability online account. If you don’t, you can expect a cheque.


What if I have already ordered my new car or WAV? Is it still possible to send my New Vehicle Payment towards the Advance Payment?

Yes, of course! You can do this by contacting your dealership.

It’s important to remember that the New Vehicle Payment is only available once. If you have already received your payment, you won't receive it for the next lease.


Motability Advance Payment


I want some adaptations or optional accessories. Can I send the New Vehicle Payment directly to the dealership to cover the cost of these extras as well?

Unfortunately, no. You can only use the New Vehicle Payment to cover the cost of your new vehicle’s Advance Payment.


Can I send my Good Condition Payment to the dealership as well?

No. Those eligible will receive the Good Condition Payment at the end of their lease. You can expect this payment directly within 1-2 weeks after returning your vehicle.


If I have a scooter or powered wheelchair, is it possible to do this with the New Product Payment?

Unfortunately, no. If eligible, you will receive the New Product Payment after collecting your new scooter or powered wheelchair.


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