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The newest models from Jaguar Land Rover will have added software Over-the-Air capability (SOTA) as standard rangewide, and it can also be activated for existing customers.
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Over-the-Air Updates Standard For All Models Across Land Rover

Over-the-Air Updates Standard For All Models Across Land Rover

Every new model for both Jaguar and Land Rover (the JLR brand) will roll off the production line with Over-the-Air software update capability – making updates easier than ever.

Having Over-the-Air as standard means the firm’s vehicles will have future-proof software built into them, with owners able to receive updates without having to visit the retailer.

What’s Over-the-Air?

For those that aren’t aware, Over-the-Air allows you to update your in-car software almost instantaneously, to keep the technology in your vehicle accurate – it would be no good if you’ve moved to a new build housing estate and your car thinks you’ve parked in a field!

Customers will be able to receive the updates through a micro SIM card in the vehicle, or through their home WiFi connection.

Are You Eligible For A Free Upgrade?

JLR have also announced that it will offer Over-the-Air capability to nearly half a million existing owners, with most vehicles built since 2016 able to receive the upgrade.

Eligible customers may have been contacted by their local retailer to organise a time to have the hardware fitted to enable remote updates.

JLR’s latest infotainment system features a Smartphone Pack, which enables apps to work between the car and the driver’s phone, and Apple CarPlay.

Including the JLR Touch Pro and Touch Pro Duo infotainment systems in the update, Over-the-Air will ensure your car is always up to date and accurate in navigation and information retrieval.

Nick Rogers, director of product engineering for Land Rover, said: “Building on the connected capability of our new Defender, we have made our pioneering software-over-the-air capability for infotainment updates standard on all our vehicles.

“Of course, we want our existing customers to benefit from the latest connected features as well, which is why we are offering them a complimentary upgrade to enable this capability on their vehicles too, together with the latest updates for their Touch Pro and Touch Pro Duo infotainment systems.”

JLR continues to offer a quality experience for all its customers – new and existing.

Over-the-Air promises a simple and speedy way to keep your car in touch with the digital world.

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