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Whether you’re driving down a twisty country lane or battling across a muddy field, Land Rover has developed a number of cutting-edge technologies that assist the driver in a wide variety of conditions.




This innovative technology is designed to make off-road driving easier and safer. Essentially a low-speed cruise control for off-road driving, ATPC manages the vehicle’s speed and brakes, minimising any loss of traction and enabling steady progress in tough and slippery off-road conditions. All the driver has to do is steer and assess the road ahead.



Gradient Release Control enables drivers to move away effortlessly on steep inclines and declines. During an uphill start, GRC automatically delays and graduates the brake release, allowing the driver to apply the throttle and pull away smoothly. During a hill descent, GRC automatically holds the brakes on before gradually releasing them, giving the driver maximum control of the vehicle.



Terrain Response is a convenient control system designed to help Land Rover owners make the most of their vehicle’s impressive on- and off-road capabilities. Using a rotary dial on the centre console, the driver can choose from a range of terrains – including sand, mud and gravel. The system then optimises a number of settings, such as throttle responsiveness, gear change speed and traction control, in order to provide the maximum grip and control needed for that terrain.



Hitching up to a caravan or reversing a trailer into a tight space can often be quite challenging. The Tow Hitch Assist and Tow Assist functions utilise a camera at the rear of the car, enabling drivers to accurately hitch a trailer and predict the direction of a trailer when reversing. Guidelines and graphics are shown on the car’s touchscreen to show a predicted reversing path.



When you need to traverse a body of water – be it a fjord, a stream or a flooded road – it’s often quite hard to ascertain the exact depth of the water. In these situations the Wade Sensing feature is invaluable. Using sensors in the door mirrors, the system informs drivers of the water depth on the car’s touchscreen, allowing the driver to see the current depth along with how much deeper the car can wade. An audible tone also increases in frequency as the depth rises.



Torque Vectoring by braking improves the on-road handling of Land Rover models – even in wet or wintry weather conditions. If the system detects that the vehicle is understeering, it automatically applies finely metered braking to the inner rear wheel to increase the rate of turn, negating the understeer and helping the driver to keep the vehicle on their chosen path through a corner. The result is confidence-inspiring handling and improved agility, especially on tight and twisty country roads.

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