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The Iconic Jaguar E-Type Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

The Iconic Jaguar E-Type Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

Jaguar intend to create six matched pairs of E-Types to celebrate the iconic sports car’s 60th anniversary in 2021 - the cars will be called the E-Type 60 Collection.

Each pair of the special E-Type 60 Edition cars will pay tribute to two of the oldest and most famous Jaguar E-Types of all-time, the ‘9600 HP’ and the ‘77 RW’.

These E-Type models played pivotal roles in the unveiling of the car at its world debut in Geneva, Switzerland in March 1961.

Every E-Type 60 Edition built by the team at Jaguar’s Classic Works facility in Warwickshire will be an existing 1960s 3.8-litre E-Type, fully restored to exclusive 60th anniversary tribute specification.

Each E-Type 60 Collection pair will include one Flat Out Grey ‘9600 HP’ coupe and one Drop Everything Green ‘77 RW’ roadster. They will sport unique paint formulations exclusively reserved for these cars.

In addition, each E-Type 60 Edition will feature a number of 60th anniversary commemorative design details created through a collaboration with Jaguar Design Director Julian Thomson.

Since the ‘60s, the E-Type has been recognised as a revolutionary sports vehicle – it was famously owned by celebrities of the era including Steve McQueen, Brigitte Bardot, Frank Sinatra, George Harrison, Tony Curtis and Britt Ekland.

Thanks to the beauty of its sculptural forms, its functionality and its impact on automotive design, the Jaguar E-type became the third car to join The Museum of Modern Art’s design collection in 1996.

Dan Pink, Jaguar Classic’s director, commented: ‘The Jaguar E-type is a genuine icon, as sensational today as the moment it was unveiled in 1961.

‘It’s testament to the E-type’s advanced design and engineering that it can still be enjoyed and admired as passionately almost 60 years on.

‘The E-type 60 Collection is a lasting tribute for E-type admirers, honouring the car’s legacy and the achievements of the team that created it – many of whom have descendants working for Jaguar Classic today, expertly restoring, maintaining and future-proofing enjoyment for generations to come.’

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