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If you're looking for something electric for your next Motability car, we've selected five great options, currently available on the scheme. Take a look at our run-down to see if there's an option for you.
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Top Electric Vehicle Picks on the Motability Scheme

Top Electric Vehicle Picks on the Motability Scheme

As interest in electric vehicles skyrockets, the number of options available through the Motability Scheme has continued to rise.

For individuals looking to reduce their emissions and also their fuel bills, an EV is an excellent choice. Plus, nowadays there’s an electric vehicle for every individual – with options spanning from compact city cars to spacious SUVs.

If you’re searching for something electric for your next Motability car, we’ve selected five great options, currently available on the scheme.

Take a look at our run-down below to see if there’s an option for you.

Honda e 36kWh

Honda e

Honda’s first all-electric urban car is truly living in the future. It’s cool, quirky and quite frankly, cute, styling mean it’s often likened to a concept car. The well-equipped cabin features a unique dashboard with five displays to keep you connected, informed and entertained on all journeys.

Charging is effortless thanks to the charge point being positioned on the centre of the bonnet to allow ease of access, and with a range of up to 132 miles, you can easily do all the things you love around town, with no range anxiety.

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MINI Electric Hatchback 33kWh

MINI Electric Hatch

The iconic MINI hatchback is now available in fully electric form. Featuring classic styling, the vehicle has received a number of updates to keep it looking modern, whilst retaining its characteristic retro looks. The MINI Hatchback has always been an enjoyable car to drive thanks to its go-kart-like handling, and the electric version only enhances this further, with instant acceleration and torque.

From daily commutes to longer weekend journeys, MINI Electric is more than capable of fitting into your lifestyle; with a range of 145 miles, you’ll be sure to get to where you want to go.

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Volkswagen ID.3 58kWh

Volkswagen ID.3

The first of Volkswagen’s next-generation electric cars, the ID.3 offers so much more than your standard family hatchback. Edgy looks captivate attention from the outside, and inside there’s plenty of room for passengers in the comfortable and connected cabin.

With a range of up to 264 miles, it’s more than capable of daily trips like the commute and school run – but also ready for those longer journeys and adventures. Plus, the ID. 3 has been made net carbon neutral, so you can feel even better about your environmental footprint.

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BMW i3 42kWh

BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a small and stylish electric vehicle that is easy to drive around town. A range of up to 175 miles will get you from A to B (and back again!) and its funky design will ensure you do so whilst looking the part.

A comfortable and luxurious interior filled with recycled materials, as well as top quality technology and a highly intuitive infotainment system will keep you connected and in the know. If you’re looking for a premium EV, the BMW i3 has to be a serious consideration.

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Kia e-Niro 39kWh

Kia e-Niro

Expect impressive practicality, performance and range with the Kia e-Niro – a seriously good, award-winning SUV. The exterior styling is bold and means business. Inside, there’s ample room for passengers and additional luggage/equipment.

The battery sits under the floor, which means boot space isn’t affected, and 451 litres of cargo can easily be accommodated. With a range of up to 180 miles from a single charge, the Kia e-Niro could easily fit in with a busy family lifestyle, replacing a standard ICE vehicle with little to no compromise for your average driver.

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If you’re interested in going electric for your next vehicle, it’s likely that you’ve already considered your charging options. Many individuals see this as a perceived barrier to getting an EV, however, rest assured, there are a number of ways to charge your car at ease.

Firstly, if you have access to off-street parking, you should be able to have a charge point fitted, at no extra cost to you if it is your first charge point. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to off-street parking, or it’s not possible to fit a charge point at your home, you can access a network of public charging points for easy on-street charging.

If you’d like any more information on the Motability Scheme, you can enquire online, contact your local dealer or call us on 0330 178 1989 today.

*Vehicle range figures are based on WLTP and real-world figures may vary. All models listed as available on the Motability Scheme are correct at the time of publishing.