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Top Gear sent car enthusiast Jack Rix to test drive and review the all-new Land Rover Defender in Namibia’s formidable dessert.
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Top Gear Reviews The All New Land Rover Defender In Namibia, Africa

Top Gear Reviews The All New Land Rover Defender In Namibia, Africa

In one of their latest episodes, Top Gear sent car expert Jack Rix to test drive and review the all-new Land Rover Defender amongst trying conditions in Namibia’s formidable dessert.

Just after the first 2020 Defenders reached our showrooms and became available to order, the popular motor-enthusiast television series showcased what it’s like to drive truly off-road.

‘This is what the Defender was made for – to take on Africa and win.’ – Jack Rix.

Jack’s journey began in Opuwo, the capital of Kakaoland in Namibia’s North West shoulder.

When at first driving across a smooth tarmac road (one of the only available), Jack was quick to note the size and sturdiness the new Defender offers over its predecessors. With a spacious, comfortable and practical interior, and a confident, well-grounded stance on the road, the Defender offers a lot to its driver.

Home to 7,000 people, Opuwo was the last big settlement before the Angolan border and nothing but harsh, dusty terrain.

Proving the newest Defender is practically invincible, Top Gear’s Jack Rix set off across the African desert.

The variety of terrain (and in some places extremes of terrain), throughout the drive, put the Defender to the ultimate test. Jack found comfort in the knowledge that Land Rover repeatedly drove the car at 25mph into a 200mm kerb, during initial testing.

During a particularly steep gravel hill descent, Jack was soon aware of the vicious dips that came with no warning. His Defender soon collided with them, slamming into the bumpstops. Despite being convinced he’d ‘blown the shocks, split a tyre or at the very least staved in the front bumper’, he quickly saw that the all-new Defender had shook it off without even a wobble.

The Defender's All Wheel Drive and Auto Terrain Response meant it met underfoot challenges with ease. Jack found it was also simple to individually personalise his Defender's off-road system preferences, through the Configurable Terrain Response technology. This was easily accessible through the Touch Pro centre console.

All-in-all, Jack seemed thoroughly impressed with the Defender’s immense capability: ‘This is the Defender’s happy place, and it’s joy is infectious.’

To see the all-new Land Rover Defender in action, you can watch Jack Rix’s review, here:

Despite not everyone having the great African landscape to play with the Defender in, it’s still the ultimate SUV to take on any off-roading adventure. As Jack put it: ‘You don’t have to go to Africa, anywhere the tarmac ends will do.’   

With the new 2020 Defender, you have the choice of three roof types: panoramic, solid metal or retractable fabric. Whatever way you want your Defender to look, it's possible with the personalisation features.

The new Land Rover Defender offers the largest choice of accessory packs too. The four packs are:

-          Explorer

-          Adventure

-          Country

-          Urban

Depending on your environmental needs, the accessory packs cater to you.

It has the ability to tackle any terrain like no other SUV, and with prices starting around £45,600 for the 110 5-door diesel, it really won’t be long until the new Land Rover Defender makes its appearance on the roads near you. Orders are being taken now.

Why not come down to your local Farnell Land Rover retailer to experience the all-new Defender for yourself? Take your own (slightly less dangerous) test drive and see what makes it special.

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The All New Land Rover Defender