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Learn all about our partnerships with local clubs, and the difference we make within communities.
Vertu Motors

Vertu Motors Partnerships: Football, Cricket and Basketball

Vertu Motors Partnerships: Football, Cricket and Basketball

  • Vertu Motors supports several sports clubs in football, cricket and basketball
  • Sports create stronger communities by bringing people together
  • Football partnerships include Sunderland AFC, Middlesbrough FC, Burnley FC and Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA
  • Vertu Motors supports Nottinghamshire Cricket Country Club as well as Yorkshire Cricket Country Club
  • Newcastle Eagles is a long-term partner of Vertu Motors


Vertu Motors partners with local sports clubs around the country. These are a great opportunity to present our brand and what we offer to our customers.

We help support locals' favourite teams, while providing financial aid for growing communities. Our partnerships cover football, cricket and basketball teams in England.

Sports is a fantastic way to bring people together and create stronger communities. While helping to improve physical health and wellbeing, sport often also creates jobs within the area. At Vertu Motors, we are proud to cheer for each goal and hoop with the local communities.


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Football partnerships


Sunderland AFC

Formed in 1879, Sunderland AFC is one of the largest football clubs in North East England. The team has won the cup six times and have been promoted to the EFL Championship.

Vertu Motors has six dealerships in the Sunderland area, offering vehicles from premium manufacturers including: BMW, MINI, and Honda.

Our partnership with Sunderland AFC supports the sport, as well as the local community. The club’s Foundation of Light aims to reduce isolation, hunger and unemployment among other issues within the local area.


Middlesbrough FC

Middlesbrough FC, formed in 1876, is a football club based in North Yorkshire. A team full of history, the club is currently playing in EFL Championship.

One of the most momentous wins of the team was in 2004, when they won the League Cup. Hundreds of Boro, fans gathered on streets following this to celebrate the historic win.


How does the club help the community?

  • Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP)
  • Academy to provide more coaches for players from U18 to U21 ages
  • MFC Foundation to help disadvantaged individuals
  • Sport, education, and health opportunities


Vertu Motors partnerships


Burnley FC

Burnley FC is among the 12 founding members of the Football League. Founded in 1882, the team has a long history filled with success in all major domestic leagues.

Turf Moor, the home of Burnley FC, is one of the longest continuously used grounds within English football. Clarets fans have been cheering the team at the Turf Moor for the past 140 years.

With the help of our partnership, the team helps people in the community who need it most. We are also involved in various activities such as the Papa John’s FanZone and player appearances.


Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA)

Vertu Motors partners with the PFA to support the Vertu Motors Fans’ Player of the Month Award. To celebrate the success of talented footballers, fans choose their favourite from the selected nominations.

The partnership helps bring the fans and the professional football players together. Last year, we sent two young Sunderland AFC fans to present the PFA Vertu Motors Fans' Player of the Year 2021/22 Award to Sunderland’s Ross Stewart.


Cricket partnerships


Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club

Officially established in 1838, the Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club is one of most successful British cricket clubs. They have also produced several internationally successful cricket players.

Trent Bridge, one of the best cricketing venues in the world, is where the club plays its home games. The site has been used for several Test matches, such as Ashes in 2013 and 2015. There will also be a Test match for the Women’s Ashes later in 2023.


How does the club help the community?

  • Community Centre for groups such as Forget Me Notts, offering help for people struggling with dementia and loneliness
  • Better sporting and academic opportunities
  • Encouraging children to get involved with the sport to support wellbeing


Vertu Motors partnerships


Yorkshire County Cricket Club

Yorkshire County Cricket Club is among the world’s most successful cricket clubs. Established in 1863, it has produced more players for England than any other club. It is also the most successful county team in England, having won many titles during its long history.

With an aim to give back to the loyal community, they formed The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation in 2009. They have provided help with:

  • Purchasing a 17-seater bus to assist with community programmes
  • Supporting The Yorkshire Cricket College, offering funds for qualifications and travel for its students with financial issues
  • Inspiring young cricketers by hosting “Cricket in The Classroom” and “Education days” at local schools
  • Offering support for the well-being and education of the community


Basketball partnership


Newcastle Eagles

The most successful basketball team in Britain, Newcastle Eagles, has won 26 titles since its formation in 1976. The club competes both in the British Basketball League and Women's British Basketball League.

Vertu Motors arena, the home of Newcastle Eagles, not only hosts basketball games, but other events alike. These include seasonal events for children, Christmas markets and more.

The club started their own foundation in 2006 to spread the basketball community within the area. Eagles Community Foundation has programmes encouraging locals to stay active, including:

  • Club Development
  • Hoops 4 Health
  • Newcastle Eagles Academy
  • TyneMet College Academy
  • Gateshead College Academy


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