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Volkswagen Announces We Charge Charging Service Ahead Of ID.3 Arrival

Volkswagen Announces We Charge Charging Service Ahead Of ID.3 Arrival

Volkswagen have just announced details of their We Charge charging service, which will offer access to more than 150,000 public charging points all over Europe from a single account, using an app or card with a single monthly bill.

The launch of the We Charge EV service comes just in time to support the introduction of the Volkswagen ID.3, which also is promoted in the pricing scheme. We Charge can be booked and used from mid-August.

For EV drivers, there will be three charging tariffs with We Charge:

1. ‘We Charge Free’ - no monthly fee, but comes with highest charging prices.

‘This basic tariff does not have a monthly fee. It essentially provides access to charging via a single charging card – and is best suited to drivers who only rarely use public charging points to charge their electric cars.’

2. ‘We Charge Go’ - monthly fee (except for ID.3 drivers), to gain lower charging prices.

‘Offers lower prices for individual charging processes and is the right choice for regular users of public charging points.’

3. ‘We Charge Plus’ - higher monthly fee, but the lowest prices for those who charge often.

‘It’s the best tariff for all frequent drivers.’

With We Charge to be first introduced in Germany, the service will be accessible to all EV drivers, but only the future ID.3 owners will get the best deal (no or a lowered monthly fee).

The We Charge service is a simple, comprehensive solution to locating charge points, seeing their availability and costs for charging, using the station, and paying. Although the service is available to all, it should be especially popular among new Volkswagen ID buyers.

Volkswagen declared: ‘We Charge offers numerous digital functions relating to charging, all of which can be used via the We Connect ID app.

‘With the app, users can easily locate all available We Charge charging points. The app also provides important information on charging price and charging point availability (free / in use).

‘Going forward, the app will also give users the option to only show charging points that operate on green power. The intelligent route guidance takes into account available charging points as well as the chosen charging strategy. That is particularly useful for planning long routes.’

In addition to the benefits We Charge offers in terms of public charging, the service is really great for EV drivers with a Volkswagen Smart Wallbox at home too. VW Smart Wallbox owners will be able to view charging statistics, access management and remote control their home charging station from the We Charge app.

In the UK, prices for the ID.3 will most likely start from around £27,500 before the government grant for the entry-level 45kWh Pure version.

Volkswagen has yet to confirm a UK price for their First Edition, but has said that it's expected to cost around £39,000. Buyers will be able to choose from four exterior colours, customising their all-electric Volkswagen to suit them.

Volkswagen's convenient and affordable We Charge service will only add to the appeal of the all-new, all-electric ID range.

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The ID.3 has since arrived! 

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