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Vertu Motors Used Car Preparation

Bodywork. Interior. Alloys. We make sure that every part and feature of each used car we sell is as premium as possible. At Vertu Motors, we know that it's all in the detail. That's why we prepare all used cars to the highest standards - before they are sold. Drive away with a used vehicle, prepared to premium standards, using high quality parts.

    Bodywork & paintwork

    It's a fact that frequent car use can take its toll on bodywork and paintwork. Even the smallest chip or scratch can really affect the look and feel of a vehicle. But we've got that covered. Our solvent-based Colour Chip technology ensures that paintwork has a quality finish for all our used vehicles. We'll also check and repair bumpers and mouldings to remove any cracks or splits.


    We all know the condition of alloy wheels has a BIG impact on the appearance of a car. That's why we get upset when they are scratched! We've invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in the latest technology so we can repair even the most expensive diamond cut alloy wheels. Our repairs are completely invisible and help return wheels to a factory fresh look.


    What's one of the first thing you look at when buying a used car? For many people, it's the tyres. But why? It's because the tyres on every car tell you a story. Is it safe? Fuel efficient? Has it been looked after? Our checks ensure your tyres are fit for the road, look great and deliver on performance.

    Window Glass & Lamp Lenses

    Picture this. You've just bought a used car and can't wait to show it off. But later, you notice a crack on the windscreen, all because your dealer didn't do the right checks. This wouldn't happen at Vertu Motors. We will check all window glass and lenses thoroughly so you can enjoy your next used vehicle with maximum peace of mind.

    Vehicle interior

    How much time do you spend in your car each year? Hours? Days? Weeks? We all love to drive, and as a result, we should do it in as much comfort as possible. We will repair any interior burns, rips, tears, holes, cuts or stains. Make your next commute or road trip a luxurious one with our help.

    Controls & Electrical Equipment

    Buying a used car can be a big investment, and you want to know that your electronics and controls are in full working order. Our checks make sure you have no broken or missing controls, your sat nav and phone systems are in shape, and all your security equipment is right where it should be (just in case).