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Land Rover Security

Keep your new Land Rover safe and secure with a range of safety features and the latest security upgrades.

Check. Update, Protect. 

Land Rover security updates

Safety is paramount to Land Rover and to help keep your vehicle safe, you could be eligible for a complimentary security update.

Land Rover work tirelessly with the police and other agencies to create anti-theft measures.

The updates can be easily installed by our experts to your vehicle in around an hour. This helps to give you extra peace of mind and protection.

While the updates are being installed, you can relax in our client lounge with complimentary refreshments.

How to keep your Land Rover secure

Activate your alarm

Whenever your Land Rover is not in use, always make sure to set your alarm. You can do this by pressing the lock button twice on the vehicle door or your smart key. The alarm will be armed after you hear a beep.

Store your keys in a safe place

Your smart key offers extra protection against thieves carrying out ‘relay attacks’. The key uses Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology to prevent the key’s signal range from being boosted to unlock your Land Rover.

Ensure your vehicle is locked

Always double check that your Land Rover is locked by using your smart key, the Remote App, or your emergency key. Be vigilant for key jammers which can stop your vehicle from locking via your smart key.