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2020 Honda Jazz Five-Star NCAP Rating

2020 Honda Jazz Five-Star NCAP Rating

The European New Car Assessment Programme is an independent European car safety performance assessment programme. The Euro NCAP was created to put a car through its paces, so that drivers may choose a car safe for them and their family, with assistance features that have been impartially tried and tested.

Focused on four key areas, the Euro NCAP report gathers an overall safety rating from various crash and safety tests performed on the car in question. The 2020 Honda Jazz had to go through several crash scenarios - frontal, rear and side tests.

Although it's not been long since it reached our showrooms, the all-new Honda Jazz has been given an impressive five-star safety rating, after a multitude of rigorous Euro NCAP crash and safety tests.

Adult Occupancy

The outcome of the adult occupancy testing was 87% and the passenger compartment remained stable in the offset frontal test.

The Jazz’s modest weight and front structure did not pose a high risk to the occupants of a colliding vehicle in a frontal offset impact. Protection was good for all critical body regions of both the driver and the rear passenger during the full-width rigid wall test.

The side barrier test, which represented a collision form another vehicle, demonstrated the protection of all critical body areas to be good apart from the chest of which protection was adequate. Protection was good all-round in the more severe side pole impact and the Jazz is equipped with a centre airbag to protect against occupant-to-occupant interaction side impacts.

The front seats and head restraints displayed good protection against a whiplash injury in the event of a rear-end collision.

The Jazz is also equipped with an advanced e-Call system in which it automatically sends a message to the emergency services, providing the car’s location in the event of an accident.

Child Occupancy

The overall protection for child occupancy was found to be 83% and in both frontal offset and side barrier test, protection of both child dummies was proved to be good or adequate for all critical parts of the body.

 It is possible for the front airbag to be disabled in order to allow a rearward-facing child restraint to be used in that seating position, with clear information being provided to the driver regarding the status of the airbag.

Vulnerable Road Users

The protection to vulnerable road users had a result of 80% and the bonnet provided good or adequate protection to the head of a struck pedestrian.

The bumper provided good or adequate protection to a pedestrians’ legs and protection of the pelvis was good at most test positions.

The Jazz’s emergency braking system can detect road users, such as, pedestrians’ and cyclists as well as other vehicles. However, the system does not detect pedestrians to the rear of the car, and reversing tests were not performed.

Safety Assist

The result of the safety assist was 76% the autonomous emergency braking is fitted as standard.

Impacts were avoided or mitigated in most cases during tests of its detection and reaction to other vehicles. The Jazz is equipped with a seatbelt reminder for front and rear seatbelts and the lane support system gently corrects the steering of the car if it is drifting out of lane and also intervenes much more aggressively in some critical situations.

There is also a speed assistance system which uses a camera in order to detect the local speed limit. This information is then presented to the driver who can make sure the car is limited to that speed.

It's clear that the brand-new Honda Jazz provides its owner with the best level safety for them and their family.

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