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Features about the F-Types to Knock Your Socks Off!

Features about the F-Types to Knock Your Socks Off!


If you were in two minds about getting a Jaguar F-Type, these features should help you decide!


Visual Controls

The 10” colour Touchscreen gives direct control over navigation, music, phone and climate amongst others, allowing you to adjust your surroundings while driving, for maximum comfort and entertainment.



Touch Pro is the infotainment system featured within the F-Type. Smooth and responsive, the system displays sharp graphics and boasts a highly intuitive user interface that utilises multi-touch gestures.

Smartphone Pack allows your phone to connect to your infotainment system and use vehicle-optimised apps through the Touchscreen with a USB cable.

Secure Tracker gathers information to help pinpoint your vehicle in the event of theft or illegal movement, meaning you can recover your vehicle as quickly as possible!


Assistance and Safety

The Driver Condition Monitor knows if you are starting to feel drowsy or fatigued and gives you an early warning to take a break.

Lane Keep Assist also helps with longer journeys in particular. It senses when you are unintentionally drifting and gently steers you back on course.

Another amazing safety feature is the Blind Spot Assist, designed to keep you safe on the road. Should your F-Type sense a vehicle in your blind spot, it will provide calculated steering torque to guide your car away from the approaching vehicle. Pretty cool right?


As well as these marvellous features, there are also the standard (not so standard) features including rain sensor windscreen wipers, cruise control, pollen filter, remote central locking and much more!


Have we peaked your interest? Of course, we have! Head over to Farnell Jaguar for more info and beautiful cars!