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The Jaguar F-TYPE is one of the most aesthetic cars of modern times, discover it's spectacular performance making it a must have purchase.
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Jaguar F-TYPE R-Dynamic Black

Jaguar F-TYPE R-Dynamic Black

The Jaguar F-TYPE is arguably one of the prettiest cars of modern times, and perhaps one of the finest sportscars currently available.

It doesn’t pretend to be a street-legal race car, it’s not a pretend sporty car, it’s a solid high-performance sportscar, the kind of thing that made Jaguar’s name all those years ago. Plus, there’s a new version: F-TYPE R-Dynamic Black.

Julian Thomson, Design Director, Jaguar commented: “Creating the new F-TYPE R-Dynamic Black models gave us the opportunity to subtly enhance the way the car looks – inside and out – and at the same time amplify both the luxury and sporting elements of its character. The result is an even more purposeful, focused, distinctive design with real presence, whether you choose the CoupE or Convertible, the four-cylinder or the V8.”

Jaguar R-Dynamic Black

The R-Dynamic Black is an exclusive version of the F-TYPE, with a range of equipment and finishes that are only available with this model. We’ve seen the Gloss Black pack before, it swaps all of the sliver for a gloss black finish. However, the rest is unique to the R-Dynamic Black, right down to the wheels – they’ve never been on another model, and they won’t be released for anything else.

Add a suede headliner, the Windsor leather 12-way adjustable sports seats in Ebony or Mars, the distinctive colour finishes – Eiger Grey, Firenze Red, and Santorini Black, and the heritage-inspired monogrammed pattern used for the seat and door trims... this is far more than a badge.

Jaguar has said that it enhances the beautiful, timeless design with additional equipment.

F-TYPE Performance

The engine options for the Dynamic are the same as the rest of the line-up, but when they’re already so well suited to the car, why would you change them?

The least powerful option still has 300PS (around 297 horsepower), which means a 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds, and a top speed of 155mph - or you could opt for the supercharged V8 with 580Nm of torque, 450PS (447hp), a 177mph top speed and a 0-60mph time of just 4.4 seconds.

If that’s not enough performance, you could always choose the ‘R’ F-TYPE with 575PS, 700Nm of torque and a limited speed of 186mph. Once again, these are proper sportscars - not lightweight two-seaters that you’d find in the Far Eastern manufacturers line up.

Both versions of the R-Dynamic Black Edition come equipped with the 8-speed Quickshift transmissions.

Just in case you’re worried that a barking V8 sportscar might frazzle your neighbours' nerves first thing in the morning, Jaguar has added a Quiet Start function that helps to keep the fuss down until you open up the V8 and let it roar.

If you’re still wondering just how good the F-TYPE is, let’s just tell you that since its introduction, the F-TYPE has won 181 (and counting) international awards for its brilliance.

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