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Touareg set for Beijing appearance
Vertu Motors

'Refreshed' Volkswagen Touareg ready to shine in Beijing

'Refreshed' Volkswagen Touareg ready to shine in Beijing

The newly redesigned Volkswagen Touareg is ready to make its mark on the Beijing Motor Show.

In the latest production-ready version of the car, the front-end design has seen some alterations, such as the new larger headlights and a deeper radiator grille. This gives the Touareg a much broader, muscular stance, befitting of the power it has under the bonnet. 

The entry-level 3.0-litre V6 TDi offers 204 PS, perfect to support those long treks and adventures. However, fuel efficiency has also been improved, with the standard engine delivering 42.8 mpg while emitting just 174 g/km of CO2. In the previous version, this stood at 40.4 mpg and 184 g/km. 

It also comes with updated technology and new safety features, such as automatic post-collision braking, bi-xenon headlights and a coasting function. The latter takes advantage of the vehicle's kinetic energy when driving downhill or when acceleration isn't required. 

Posted by Louise Clark