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On the 10th of May, Land Rover finally unveiled the new and highly-anticipated Range Rover Sport, the sportier sibling of the Range Rover. Find out more now.
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The New Range Rover Sport Unveiled

The New Range Rover Sport Unveiled

There’s no denying that the essence of Range Rover is an unmistakable expression of luxury. On the 10th of May, Land Rover finally unveiled the new and highly-anticipated Range Rover Sport, the sportier sibling of the Range Rover.

Not only has the facelifted SUV caused a clearly positive stir from car lovers and admirers, but it has also brought the model into the future with a Plug-in Hybrid option. The new power option is part of Land Rover’s meticulous Reimagine strategy to become environmentally friendly, with an announcement that an all-electric version of the Range Rover Sport will be here by 2024.

This new Range Rover Sport is more than just a pretty face. With this facelifted version, you can expect all of the capabilities that Range Rovers are famously synonymous with, including versatile terrain adaptability and impressive wading depths. In fact, the Range Rover Sport has been shown to be capable of traversing Iceland's Karahnjukar Dam spillway, a challenge that we’re sure only a handful of vehicles would be able to tackle.

Luxury Interior

The new Range Rover Sport is nothing short of luxurious. However, the interior has turned heads since the launch for being extra glamorous and more desirable than ever before. The overall interior combines comfort with convenience, making for a relaxing and stress-free drive no matter the distance. Some of the highlights of the interior include the following:

- Lightweight Ultrafabrics - a reimagined concept of modern and sustainable luxury

- Sculpted seats

- Luxury leathers, with a choice of grained, Windsor and soft Semi-Aniline

- Noble and Moonlight Chrome detailing

These exquisite features, along with the purposeful cockpit-like driving position and intelligent infotainment screen, set the tone for a focused and futuristic interior.

Innovative Technology

The new Range Rover Sport has technological features intelligently incorporated in order to assist you in more ways than imaginable. Here are just a handful of highlights you can benefit from:

- Low Speed Manoeuvring lights to help guide you in dim areas

- Remote park assist - allowing you to manoeuvre into tight spaces using your smartphone

- Amazon Alexa incorporated into the infotainment system

- Pivi Pro, an infotainment system like no other

Stylish Exterior

If we had to describe the Range Rover Sport’s exterior in just one word it would simply be unmistakable. The new profile has been refined and stands out from other vehicles, especially with its imposing road presence which is derived from its muscular stance. The stealth-like headlights, grille, and sculpted lower bumper are all features that flaunt the confidence of the SUV. What really sets the car apart from the crowd is the uninterrupted tail-light graphic at the rear of the vehicle.

The Range Rover Sport Dynamic boasts Satin Burnished Copper details, unique bumpers, and matte graphic lettering, which flaunts the assertive presence of the SUV even further.

The facelifted Range Rover Sport is available to order now and we’re very excited to see the ultra-modern model on the roads very soon. If you are interested in the Range Rover Sport, be sure to get in touch with us for more information.

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