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Top Gear's revealed the winners of the Electric Awards 2021, awarding the best-of-the-best EVS across a range of categories. Find out why the EQS won Best Interior...
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Top Gear Awards The New Mercedes-Benz EQS With Best Interior

Top Gear Awards The New Mercedes-Benz EQS With Best Interior

Top Gear has announced this year’s winners of their annual Electric Awards, crowning the best-of-the-best EVs across a range of categories.

With no surprises here, they’ve named the all-new EQS from Mercedes-Benz their electric vehicle with the best interior.

Earlier this year, the highly anticipated all-electric luxury saloon finally arrived – fusing technology, design, functionality and connectivity, to ‘delight’ both drivers and passengers.

Supported by artificial intelligence (AI), the new EQS makes everyday life easier in many ways.

Jack Rix, Editor of TopGear Magazine, commented: ‘The user interface (which was developed entirely in-house) uses what Merc calls a ‘zero-layer’ design.

‘Effectively it employs AI to predict what you want to do before you’ve done it, then proactively surfaces relevant functions at just the right moment so you don’t have to go swiping through endless submenus to find them.

‘Kallenius says he could teach anyone how to use the system in 10 minutes. We’ll be taking him up on his offer.’

The all-new Mercedes-Benz EQS is set apart from any other Saloon on the market, as it’s the first model based on the Mercedes’s new modular architecture for luxury and executive-class electric vehicles.

The new EQS has one of the most futuristic interiors of any new car on offer too – especially with its incredible infotainment screen.

The Mercedes-Benz EQS houses the same infotainment system as the all-new S-Class as standard, so expect a state-of-the-art 12-inch driver’s display and an impressively intuitive 13-inch portrait touchscreen.

If desired, you can option Mercedes’s new Hyperscreen infotainment system, which boasts 3 seamless built-in screens across both driver and passenger. This includes an incredible 18-inch central touchscreen.

The Hyperscreen’s system holds the latest version of Mercedes-Benz’s infotainment system, offering smartphone mirroring and intelligent satellite navigation features.

It also includes the upgraded ‘Hey Mercedes’ feature, which can understand 27 languages even remember your voice patterns.

Other interior technology features include a new facial-recognition system, which can determine who’s driving and load their personal settings automatically. It can also detect if you’re trying to look at the passenger’s display, and automatically dim it to make it less distracting.

Optional 12-inch screens for rear passengers are also available in the all-new EQS, so no one feels left out.

Being slightly taller and longer than the S-Class, the EQS also feels very spacious, especially with the optional panoramic glass roof fitted.

Additionally, a range of eight different colour combinations for the interior are available, plus there are 190 LEDs around the cabin to customise. Premium materials and trim options give you plenty of chance to create an EQS best suited to you and your taste.

Click here to learn more about the all-new Mercedes-Benz EQS’s interior.

The all-new EQS is available to order now. Prices will start from around £80,000 for this luxury, all-electric performance saloon.

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