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Volkswagen set to roll-out new all-electric vehicle.
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Volkswagen e-up! ready for launch

Volkswagen e-up! ready for launch

The highly anticipated Volkswagen e-up! is set for a full release in the coming weeks, with orders already made for the manufacturer's first all-electric vehicle.

Volkswagen said it is "writing a new chapter in mobility" with the latest model, which is based on the existing up! city car.

It produces absolutely zero emissions from the exhaust and provides a fully electric drive range of up to 93 miles in a single charge.

In nine hours, the car can be fully recharged using a standard in-house electrical socket, meaning you can leave the car plugged-in overnight and have it ready for use in the morning.

Thanks to the sophisticated electric drivetrain, the car is almost silent when out on the road, and can achieve a top speed of 81 mph, while hitting 62 mph from standing in just 12.4 seconds.

The cute little car comes with three distinct driving modes; Standard, Eco and Eco+. Eco helps to limit emissions further by cutting peak power to just 50kW, in addition to limiting the air conditioning system and modifying the throttle response. For those who want to save more energy, the Eco+ state disables the air conditioning, limits throttle response further and cuts top power to 40kW.

Not only is the car perfect for those that want to minimise the effects that vehicles have on the environment, it is also ideal for built up city areas, due to its low running costs and small size.

Furthermore, potential owners can benefit from the UK government's grant for energy efficient vehicles, accessing up to £5,000 towards the cost of the car.

Set to be released onto forecourts and in showrooms at the end of January, the e-up! is sure to be in high demand. Make sure you get your hands on one so you can enjoy the plethora of benefits the car provides!

Posted by Craig Salter