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With advanced safety features, intuitive driver assistance and an enhanced infotainment system, all new Honda models will make driving better than ever.
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Honda Are To Roll Out Advanced Connectivity Features In All Future Models

Honda Are To Roll Out Advanced Connectivity Features In All Future Models

The future for Honda sees state-of-the-art technology in all its vehicles. With advanced safety features, intuitive driver assistance and an enhanced infotainment system, all new Honda models will make driving better than ever.

Honda have announced this week that all future models will feature advanced connectivity technologies.

The first example of this commitment is the availability of the My Honda+ app and Honda Personal Assistant in the all-new Honda e, Honda Jazz and Jazz Crosstar Hybrids.

My Honda+

Honda has launched its My Honda+ smartphone app to keep owners connected to their car remotely.

The smartphone-based app has been designed with a simple, but intuitive user experience. It will give you access to a range of in-car functions, including altering the climate and controlling security features, such as Remote Vehicle Lock and Unlock of the car.

In the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, My Honda+ includes a ‘Digital Roadside Assistance’ feature. This allows customers to make a direct call to their subscribed roadside assistance provider with their vehicle (GPS) details automatically shared.

The app also provides location monitoring and car tracking via GPS.

For added security, all new Honda vehicles feature E-Call for roadside assistance as standard. In the event of an emergency, such as airbag deployment, the car's location is automatically shared with the relevant emergency services.

Honda Infotainment Systems

The Honda Personal Assistant is just one feature of Honda’s redesigned infotainment systems. The newest cars feature simple-to-use LCD touchscreen interfaces, designed to minimise driver distraction.

Honda interfaces are navigated using familiar smartphone-style usability, with swipe controls to browse through recently used applications and media lists.

Displays can be configured to suit user preference, incorporating customisable shortcuts to frequently used functions and your preferred music source.

In the Honda e, the dual ultra-wide 12.3-inch LCD touchscreens allow content to easily be swapped across the two screens, enabling the driver to use the content on both screens with simplicity and ease.

This function also allows the passenger to swipe content such as navigation instructions to the driver’s screen. And because the dual screen set-up allows two applications to be displayed side-by-side, the driver and front passenger can independently select and view separate apps. So, for example, while the driver follows navigation instructions, the front passenger can search for a music playlist.

Honda Personal Assistant

All of these connected features and applications are accessed via the touchscreen or may be voice activated, including finding out weather information, parking locations, music, navigation, location finding, texting and calling.

The cars come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality. Apple CarPlay can now be accessed wirelessly for the first time, rather than plugging in.

Both Honda e and Jazz also feature a WiFi hotspot capability, allowing passengers access to the internet.

For Honda e owners, occupants can watch video content (or play a video game!) on one of the screens during charging sessions, while the second screen shows the charging status.

To achieve optimum stress-free ownership, Honda will deliver over-the-air updates to ensure that features and apps benefit from all enhancements and new functions.

The owner’s manual can also be easily accessed via the infotainment system. After asking a question, the Honda Personal Assistant will open the owner’s manual on the relevant page to provide an answer.

Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President, Honda Motor Europe, has commented: “Today’s customer expects their vehicle to connect seamlessly with their wider life. Honda’s development of next-generation connectivity can clearly be seen with the launch of features such as Honda Personal Assistant and My Honda+.

“We are committed to widening the availability of these features to meet the expectation of our customer.”

You can register your interest in the all-new Honda e, Honda Jazz and Honda Jazz Crosstar Hybrids now.

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