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In an effort to make an electric lifestyle a truly viable option in today's world, Kia has created the new all-electric EV6 - and it's set to transform future mobility.
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How the Kia EV6 is Set to Reimagine Electric Vehicle Ownership

How the Kia EV6 is Set to Reimagine Electric Vehicle Ownership

In an effort to make an electric lifestyle a truly viable option in today's world, Kia has created the new all-electric EV6 - and it’s set to transform future mobility.

The vehicle, Kia’s first dedicated EV, has been designed to remove many of the perceived barriers associated with electric driving, whilst being as convenient and accessible to own as a regular internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle.

Owners can expect an impressive range, speedy charging, access to an extensive network of charging facilities, segment-leading interior space, plus - the battery can also act as a portable charge pack for electrical appliances if needed.

A vehicle that offers all this, with the benefit of zero-emissions? Read on to see how it’s been achieved.

New Electrification Experience

The EV6 is the first vehicle to be built on Kia’s exclusively designed Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). This platform ensures that the EV6 delivers a unique electric experience, combining powerful performance, rapid charging, enhanced range, and improved safety.

Despite the vehicle’s compact exterior, the E-GMP has allowed the EV6 a generous amount of interior space. With a wheelbase of 2,900mm and minimal front and rear overhangs, the cabin feels similar in size to vehicles in larger segments. Front passengers can enjoy 1,078mm of legroom and back passengers will experience a comfortable 990mm.

An End to Charge Anxiety

An innovative, multi high-speed charging system provides EV6 owners with access to a range of charging possibilities. The advanced infrastructure means the system is compatible with 800V ultra-fast charge points as well as more conventional 400V fast charge points - without the need for any adapters.

An 800V charger can charge the EV6 from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes, with a maximum power of 239kW. Plus, a quick five minute charge would enable over 60 miles of driving range. At a 400V charge point, the vehicle’s motor and invertor is able to convert the 400V into 800V, to allow faster charging.

Impressive Range

Thanks to a winning combination of E-GMP architecture, electronic design, and engineering, the EV6 has one of the longest ranges seen in the electric market. The EV6's 77.4kWh battery can enable up to 316 miles all-electric driving when fully charged.

Wide-ranging Infrastructure

Using real-time data, the EV6 will be able to indicate when charge is running low, and direct drivers to the nearest charge point using an intelligent onboard navigation system.

Kia’s part-owned IONITY network offers discounted kWh prices at over 400 charge stations across Europe, for EV6 customers. This IONITY network is powered by 100% renewable energy, meaning EV6 drivers can travel both emission-free and carbon neutral.

A solution named Kia Charge gives EV6 owners additional access (and guidance) to around 205,000 charge points across Europe, and allows drivers to manage subscriptions and payments for various levels of membership depending on usage levels. Drivers will feel constantly connected.

Portable Power

Kia has developed an Integrated Charging Control Unit (ICCU) which enables up to 3.6kW of power to be transferred from the vehicle battery to other devices. Owners will be able to charge electrical items on the go, or home appliances when stationary. Plus, vehicle to vehicle (V2V) charging is also possible in the event of an emergency.

The numerous innovations featured on the all-electric EV6 have been developed for ease of use, intuitive functionality and to make owning an electric vehicle a viable option for more people.

Coming soon, keep an eye on our Newsroom, or contact your local Kia dealer for more information.