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Jeep Grand Cherokee given a sporty makeover

Jeep Grand Cherokee given a sporty makeover

A new version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee has been revealed, presenting a muscular design without the need for a large-capacity petrol engine.

Known as the Grand Cherokee S-Limited sport utility vehicle, the car's aggressive persona would make it just as good a fit in Jeep's Sports Line product range.

What allows the latest Grand Cherokee to stand on its own though is that the model features a 3.0-litre V6 CRD diesel engine, complete with new-generation 1.8-bar injectors and MultiJet II technology.

The downsizing of the motor – the Grand Cherokee SRT featured a 6.4-litre V8 engine - enables the car to boast a maximum power output of 237bhp.

As mentioned previously, the muscular exterior design helps make the car eye-catching to vehicle lovers, while the 20-inch black alloy wheels are like the cherry on the cake.

Step inside the Grand Cherokee S-Limited sport utility vehicle and drivers are greeted with fine leather upholstery and a cabin etched with plenty of carbon fibre trim detail.

Speaking at the car's launch, Nigel Land, brand director of Jeep Chrysler UK, stated: "With its sporting look this new addition will complete the Grand Cherokee range while appealing to a whole new group of customers."

Posted by Louise Clark