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Great news for current EQC drivers: the UK’s largest public charging network Polar, operated by BP Chargemaster, is now part of Mercedes me Charge subscription.
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Mercedes-Benz EV Charging Service Now Integrated With BP's Network

Mercedes-Benz EV Charging Service Now Integrated With BP's Network

The UK’s largest public charging network Polar, operated by BP Chargemaster, is now part of Mercedes me Charge subscription.

Mercedes-Benz EQC drivers now can enjoy integrated access to the UK’s largest public electric vehicle charging network.

Polar, operated by BP Chargemaster, is now available along with other charging networks, through one optional subscription - Mercedes me Charge.

A three-year subscription to Mercedes me Charge comes as standard with the EQC, and now due to the unique cooperation between Mercedes-Benz Cars UK and BP Chargemaster, Mercedes me Charge customers in the UK can upgrade their basic plan to have access to a Polar Plus membership. This upgrade will be a free 6 month subscription.

The Polar Plus membership will provide EV drivers with a lower cost electricity tariff than on the basic option.

To make things even better for EQC drivers, the Mercedes EV’s route-optimised navigation system will calculate and direct you to their nearest Mercedes me charge points, taking into account your remaining electric range.

Drivers can also use the voice-activated MBUX system to find charging locations, as well as their availability and electricity pricing. Access to the charging stations is provided by the Mercedes me Charge card, Mercedes me App or via the vehicle's media display - customers can benefit from an integrated payment function with billing conveniently managed through Mercedes me.

Jason Allbutt, Head of Product Management Mercedes-Benz Cars UK said: ‘With the launch of our first EQ SUV, it was important to help consumers with public charging accessibility.

‘With Mercedes me Charge, customers no longer need individual subscriptions to charging networks, and can now access many charge points via the vehicle’s head unit or the Mercedes me app.’

Matteo de Renzi, CEO of BP Chargemaster stated: ‘The Polar network is the UK’s largest public charging network and is growing rapidly, with a focus on providing a nationwide network of 150kW ultra-fast charging – ideally suited to the EQC.

‘BP Chargemaster’s partnership with Mercedes-Benz means customers can charge their EQCs via convenient charging locations across the UK, and increasingly at ultra-fast speeds.

‘We continue to support EV drivers with their charging needs at home, at work and on the road, with all electricity usage on our public charging network certified as 100% renewable.’

BP Chargemaster is Mercedes-Benz UK’s preferred partner for customer home charging wallboxes, which are eligible for the government’s EV Homecharge Scheme grant. BP Chargemaster is a trusted energy provider for EV owners nationwide – Mercedes-Benz EQC drivers now included.

The all-electric EQ brand Mercedes-Benz first revealed in 2016, has become increasingly popular, with an ever-growing demand for more models to be launched.

By 2022, the entire Mercedes-Benz Cars product range is set to be electrified, with EV alternatives available in every segment. This will include the 48-volt electrical system (EQ Boost), plug-in hybrids (EQ Power) and more than ten all-electric vehicles (EQ).

Over the next 20 years, Mercedes-Benz claim they will have a carbon-neutral new passenger car fleet, endeavouring to have plug-in hybrids or all-electric vehicles make up more than 50% of its car sales by 2030. The manufacturer’s newfound charging system integration with BP should only help achieve this goal.

We are excited by Mercedes’ drive towards are more eco-conscious future, making life for EV drivers that much more convenient and efficient.

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