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As the best Golf R yet, outperforming all previous models, the all-new Volkswagen Golf R is setting the standard in its vehicle class. Find out what's new, here.
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The All-New Volkswagen Golf R Has Arrived

The All-New Volkswagen Golf R Has Arrived

Traditionally, the Golf R has always been the most powerful model of the brand’s bestselling car. As the best Golf R yet, outperforming all previous models, the all-new Volkswagen Golf R is setting the standard in its vehicle class.

Boasting all-wheel drive and the most exclusive design and equipment, the highly dynamic Golf R is ready to show them how it’s done.

The fresh of the transporter Golf R is the first Volkswagen to be launched with a new all-wheel drive system: 4MOTION with R-Performance Torque Vectoring. This system, intelligently networked via the vehicle dynamics settings, enables a new dimension of sportiness.

Volkswagen engineer in charge of the Golf R, Jonas Thielebein, commented: ‘Our goal with the Golf R was to make its driving characteristics as neutral as possible.

‘In other words, we want to ensure that the vehicle does not under- or oversteer – it should be as straightforward as possible to control at all times.’

As a Volkswagen R developer, Thielebein takes particular pride in the torque vectoring system.

A brand-new rear axle drive distributes the drive power between the front and rear axles, in addition to the two rear wheels. This makes it possible to significantly increase the agility of the Golf R, particularly when cornering.

Jonas Thielebein adds: ‘The selective wheel torque control allows you to take the car to new limits.

‘Even at high speeds, the vehicle handling remains as neutral as possible.’

If you want to take your model up a notch, the all-new Golf R can also be ordered with an optional R Performance Package - increasing the top speed to 168mph in this case.

The R Performance Package also includes a larger, prominent rear spoiler for extra downforce on the rear axle, 19-inch alloy wheels in the Estoril design and two additional driving modes, denoted as ‘Special’ (Nurburgring mode) and ‘Drift’ modes.

Accessing these driving modes is easy too; rapidly switch by lightly pressing the R button on the steering wheel.

Drift Mode

When it comes to the new Golf R’s Drift mode, Volkswagen UK has declared: ‘Away from public roads, Drift mode opens up a whole new level of driving dynamics and further exploits the potential of torque vectoring, by provoking oversteer instead of neutral vehicle handling

‘The maximum possible torque in this mode is available on the wheel located on the outside of the bend.

‘The ESC in Drift mode is set to “Sport” as standard, meaning that the Golf R’s control electronics kick in at a very late stage.

‘However, real drifts are also possible: the ESC just needs to be switched to OFF.’

You’re In Control

No matter which driving mode you enter with the R Performance Package, an accelerator pedal ‘characteristic’ has been carefully designed and engineered to create an unfiltered sense of performance. Just push the pedal and feel the force beneath your foot.

According to Volkswagen, this high degree of control is an advantage when it comes to perfect drifts on snow and ice, or on asphalt.

In both Special and Drift mode, the gearbox calibration of the 420 Nm drive has been optimised in order to keep the rpm consistently high.

In Automatic mode, the dual clutch gearbox (DSG) aids power development; the Golf R in Automatic mode does this by switching up as late as possible and down as early as possible.

For the first time since the introduction of the DSG, the Golf R’s gearbox will stay in manual mode in both modes if the driver has selected this.

Brand ambassador and test and development driver at Volkswagen, Benjamin Leuchter, notes: ‘My verdict is clear: the Golf R is the stand-out model in the product line!

‘With the new all-wheel drive, which distributes the power perfectly across the wheels, and the two new driving modes, the Golf R offers a hugely fun driving experience.’

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