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The all-new and all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 reached our showrooms and has been awarded an impressive five-star safety rating, after Euro NCAP crash and safety tests.
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The All-New Volkswagen ID.4 Has Been Awarded A 5 Star NCAP Safety Rating

The All-New Volkswagen ID.4 Has Been Awarded A 5 Star NCAP Safety Rating

The all-new and all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 reached our showrooms not too long ago. Already, it has been awarded an impressive five-star safety rating, after a multitude of rigorous Euro NCAP crash and safety tests.

The result may not come as a surprise, as Volkswagen have a great history of achieving high marks in past reports. This result comes after the same full-marks were awarded in 2020 to Volkswagen’s first ID family member, the ID.3.

As a crossover SUV that’s also fully electric, the ID.4 comes with a larger presence on the road, the ability to tackle tougher terrain and all-round outstanding efficiency.

The state-of-the-art ID.4 comes with a variety of advanced technology and is impressively built, with features and finishes that make it a car sent from the future. You can learn more about the all-new Volkswagen ID.4, here.

Importantly, the all-new ID.4 comes fully-equipped with active safety tech as standard, with more systems available to make the second member of the ID. family as prepared as possible for compromising situations.

The Euro NCAP

The European New Car Assessment Programme is an independent European car safety performance assessment programme. The Euro NCAP is designed to put a car through its paces, so that drivers may choose a car safe for them and their family, with assistance features that have been impartially tried and tested.

Focused on four key areas, the Euro NCAP report gathers an overall safety rating from various crash and safety tests performed on the car in question. The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 endured several crash scenarios - frontal, rear and side tests.

The all-electric SUV crossover survived thorough crash testing, using dummies linked-up to provide impact readings, for analysis on both Adult Occupant Protection and Child Occupant Protection respectively.

The ID.4 also underwent Vulnerable Road User safety tests, such as detecting and stopping for unexpected pedestrians and cyclists.

In addition, the VW ID.4’s Safety Assistance features were assessed, such autobraking and Lane Assist.

The Results:

Based on the ID.4’s crash tests and the evaluation of measures to ensure that rescue and extrication are as rapid as possible, the all-electric crossover achieved 93% of the available points in relation to drivers and adult passengers.

A result of 89% was determined for children.

These ratings are based on important considerations. As well as examining the protection provided by child restraint systems in the event of a frontal or lateral impact, the assessment also scrutinised options in the vehicle for installing child seats of various sizes as well as the equipment a vehicle offers for the transportation of children.

In addition to occupant protection in vehicles, Euro NCAP also examines how well automatic emergency braking systems (AEB) can protect vulnerable road users – pedestrians and cyclists – in the event of an impending collision.

The auditors equally attach great importance to other standard assistance systems.

One of the positive things about the ID.4 is that all equipment variants come with the Lane Assist lane departure warning system and Front Assist emergency braking assistant as standard.

The ID.4 also has a centre airbag for the front seats; this can help to reduce or, in the best case, prevent possible head contact between the driver and front passenger in the event of a side collision, for example.

Car2X is another piece of technology that every ID.4 in Germany has on board. It allows the vehicle to exchange information about local hazards with other vehicles and with traffic infrastructure, by means of the WLANp wireless standard.

As early as in March 2020, Euro NCAP presented the innovative Car2X hazard-warning function with the Advanced Award in recognition of its pioneering equipment.

As an optional extra, Volkswagen offers further assistance systems that can increase comfort within their respective system limits.

With a score of 85% of the available points, the fully electric SUV from Volkswagen also put in an excellent performance in the Safety Assist category.

The score for pedestrian and cyclist protection was 76%.

The brand-new ID.4 ensures the best safety is afforded to its driver and their family, in addition to watching out for those vulnerable outside of the vehicle.

Watch how the all-new Volkswagen ID.4 performed during its 2021 Euro NCAP Crash and Safety tests:

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For more detail on how the Volkswagen ID.4 performed, you can view the complete Euro NCAP report here.