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Learn more about the Recharge in Nature project between BMW UK and National Parks UK.
Vertu Motors

Explore Exmoor National Park and Recharge with BMW and Vertu Motors

Explore Exmoor National Park and Recharge with BMW and Vertu Motors

  • Vertu Motors is supporting the ‘Recharge in Nature’ project, in collaboration with BMW UK and National Parks UK.
  • This partnership is driving sustainable initiatives to improve the UK’s National Parks.
  • Vertu BMW Bridgwater is supporting its local project at Exmoor National Park.


The UK is home to 15 National Parks, each offering unique landscapes, diverse wildlife, and a range of recreational activities. However, how do we continue to enjoy these natural locations with sustainability in mindThat’s where the three-year partnership between BMW UK and National Parks UK comes into play.

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The Recharge in Nature Project

Thscheme has a shared aim to enhance the National Parks for future generations to enjoy. Key initiatives will focus on the following areas:


Increasing electric vehicle charging networks

Electric vehicles help to reduce emissions and noise pollution. However, many of the Parks have limited charging facilitiesTo promote more sustainable travel to and from the National Parks, more public EV chargers will be installed across each Park.

Promoting sustainable tourism

With over 100 million visitors to the National Parks each year, sustainable tourism is essential. Holidaymakers should strive to minimise their environmental impact and support local communities. Educational campaigns and collaboration with local residents will help steer this goal.


Improving biodiversity

This is crucial for maintaining ecosystems and ensuring the sustainability of natural resources. Projects such as habitat restoration and protection will be vital to achieving this objective.

Exmoor National Park

Exmoor National Park is a stunning area spanning 267 square miles across the counties of Devon and Somerset. It features cliffs, moors, streams, and valleys. There are plenty of opportunities for adventure, as well as more tranquil endeavours. It is a treasured destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The edge of the Park can be reached in just under an hour from Vertu BMW BridgwaterWe are proud to support such an important project to help enhance and preserve the local area.


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