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The iconic model has received a fully electric powertrain along with other advanced upgrades.
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MINI Cooper Electric Is Here

MINI Cooper Electric Is Here

  • The new MINI Cooper Electric comes equipped with the latest technology
  • Enjoy a refreshed, modern design with several iconic details
  • Control vehicle functions with the world’s first OLED display
  • ‘Hey MINI!’ MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant allows you to control entertainment with voice commands
  • Drive up to 250 miles with the range-topping MINI Cooper Electric SE


MINI has launched the fifth generation MINI Cooper. The all-electric model was revealed at the IAA International Motor Show. The show took place in Munich and is one of the largest mobility fairs in the world.

The MINI Cooper Electric features a plethora of advanced technology, including “Hey MINI!”, the first Intelligent Personal Assistant by the manufacturer. The design has also undergone an update, boasting new exterior colours and carefully crafted detailing.

Enjoy two output options: E and SE with the latest Cooper. The iconic model will come with three trim levels: Classic, Exclusive and Sport.

This latest edition will be priced from £30,000. The first customer deliveries are expected to start in spring 2024.


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Head of MINI, Stefanie Wurst, commented on the launch:

“With its electric drive and purist design, the new MINI Cooper is a perfect fit for an urban lifestyle.”

“In the fifth generation of the MINI Cooper, we combine the traditional MINI DNA with innovative, future-oriented technology while enabling locally emission-free driving fun that is typical of MINI.”


MINI Cooper Electric front view


MINI Cooper Electric Exterior

The exterior of the new MINI Cooper Electric hosts several iconic features associated with the original model. These include the short overhangs, MINI circular headlights and short bonnet. New details of the model include:

  • Larger wheels
  • New octagonal grille
  • Three adjustable light signatures with headlights
  • Welcome and goodbye animation
  • Contrasting roof
  • Flush door handles
  • Flush rear lights with two different modes


Head of MINI Design, Oliver Heilmer, commented on the model:

“Inspired by our history, we have developed our own new design language, defining our DNA. We call it ‘Charismatic Simplicity’.”

“The idea behind it is a design that gives each new MINI model a strong, individual character and is characterized by a clear, reduced design language intuitively focused on the essentials of the brand.”


Interior of the MINI Cooper Electric

The minimalistic interior of this classic model combines the latest technology and stylish detailing perfectly. Featuring the easy-care textiles and round instrument cluster, every journey feels practical and engaging.

Other interior highlights include:

  • Curved dashboard in two-colour design made of recycled polyester
  • Optional Head-up Display
  • Optional panoramic glass roof
  • Side ambient lighting
  • Comfortable armrest mounted on the driver’s seat
  • Centre console with practical storage space
  • Larger cup holders
  • Wireless charging area
  • Additional underfloor storage in the boot
  • 60:40 split back seats
  • Up to 800 litres of boot space


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New MINI Cooper Electric headlight
New MINI Cooper Electric badge


World’s First OLED Display

A new benchmark in automotive design, the new feature has a diameter of 240mm and comes equipped with MINI Operating System 9. You can now control all the vehicle’s functions with touch or voice commands.

All the vehicle-related information is located at the top of the screen This includes speed, battery status, and more. On the bottom half of the screen, you can find Navigation, Media, Phone and Climate.

You can also save your favourite functions in the tool belt, which can also be activated via the star button on the steering wheel.


MINI Operating System 9

Developed by the BMW Group, this system uses all-new static and dynamic graphical elements. These blend into the striking new OLED display. The MINI Operating System 9 has a 5G capability and precise MINI Navigation. You can now enjoy realistic 3D visualisations and current traffic levels at all times.


Safety and Convenience

Equipped with the latest driver assistance features, this EV is designed to ensure your safety and everyday practicality. The systems include:

  • Parking Assistant
  • Optional Parking Assistant Plus, including 12 ultrasonic sensors
  • Explore Mode, allows you to park with a smartphone
  • MINI Digital Key to open your car’s doors with your smartphone
  • Welcome projection to spot your vehicle from a busy car park
  • Remote 360 option for viewing around the car in the MINI App
  • Snapshot function to capture moments and share them with your smartphone


MINI Cooper Electric exterior



The first MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant allows you to control the vehicle’s functions with your voice. Simply, activate the assistant by saying “Hey MINI” or clicking the push-to-talk button on the steering wheel.

You can now control navigation, phone calls and entertainment using voice commands or hand gestures. The system also learns while you drive, optimising repetitive routes and automatically opening the car window when you enter a car park.


100% Electric MINI Cooper

You can choose your fully electric powertrain from two options: E with a 40.7kWh battery or SE with a 54kWh battery. The entry-level E offers you a range of up to 190 miles, while the SE has an electric range of up to 250 miles.

Both models offer rapid acceleration, the E taking you from 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds and the top-of-the-range SE in 6.7 seconds.

With MINI Cooper Electric, you can expect a balanced drive, with an optimised suspension and damping system. A low centre of gravity and preloaded stabiliser mounts also help with cornering. Even though you have switched to electric, you can still enjoy the iconic go-kart driving feel.

Charge the EV from 10-80% in under 30 minutes, providing an excellent opportunity for a cup of tea. You can also optimise the charging, by setting a start time. This way, your MINI will be fully charged and ready to take on the day.


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