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After our last edition of ask the owner, we questioned MINI Electric owner Tom about his experience of living with the electric-powered MINI.
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The Westerly Way: MINI Electric Ask the Owner, Tom

The Westerly Way: MINI Electric Ask the Owner, Tom

After our recent edition of 'Ask The Owner', we questioned MINI Electric owner Tom about his experience of living with the electric-powered MINI.

So if you are looking for some insight into what it’s really like to own the MINI Electric, this article is for you! 

What was the main reasoning behind buying your MINI Electric? 

We needed a new second car. I investigated a number of electric cars and liked the look of the MINI after looking at lots of online reviews. I took a test drive and couldn’t find any issues. 

How is the MINI Electric a suitable vehicle for your lifestyle? 

I am retired and rarely need to do long journeys. My home charger allows me to regularly top up my charge. In my professional life, I drove over a million miles so perhaps it was time to stop polluting the planet! 

What do you love most about your MINI Electric? 

The instant acceleration for overtaking and feeding in on roundabouts. Plus, this makes pulling away on hills so simple (I live in a very hilly town). So many little things. I have had over a dozen new company cars in my life, but this is the first car that is different to drive. It is so much fun even for an old codger like me! 

Have you noticed you now save money otherwise spent on fuel because of your MINI Electric? 

Of course, but the convenience of filling up at home is good. My solar panels make more power in a year than I will use in my annual driving. It's a good feeling. 

Where do you charge your MINI? 

At home. 

Do you find recharging your MINI Electric easy? 

It's so much cheaper and very easy. Using a night-time tariff it works out at 2.5p/mile. 

If you have one, was it easy to get a wall box fitted? 

I researched it and EO was the smallest. The fitting was very professional albeit you need an isolation switch fitted by your electricity supplier first, and then your mains fuse needs to be certificated after. However, after the first overnight charge I woke to find that MINI had texted me to say it had started charging and then another to say that charging was complete. My car sends texts to me! How odd is that?!

What is special about MINI to you? 

Looks good, and matches the reviews. 

What sort of journeys do you use your MINI Electric for? 

Anything up to 60 miles each way. But mostly my typical weekly journeys.  I treat it just as I would any car - you just need to think what distance you want to go tomorrow. 

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