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Gordon Shedden believes the power of his Honda Civic will boost his winning chances this weekend.
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Shedden relying on Honda Civic to carry him to glory

Shedden relying on Honda Civic to carry him to glory

Gordon Shedden is confident in the capabilities of the Honda Civic ahead of this weekend's races at Rockingham.

The current BTCC leader will need to produce a spectacular drive in order to make up for the additional weight the car will be carrying.

As championship leader, Shedden will have to carry the mandated 45kg of success ballast into the opening race of the weekend.

However, the driver is confident that the Civic has the potential to overcome the additional weight and further boost his chances of taking the title.

"Carrying the weight is a pain, but it means you are doing well in the points so that has to be a good thing. Qualifying is going to be vital for us at Rockingham, and lugging that extra weight around is going to make things tough," he commented.

"We know we have a great car in the Civic and the chassis is excellent so hopefully that will help us overcome any handicap. In a sense, Rockingham is one of the worst tracks to come to if you have to carry 45kg but it is the price you have to pay for wins."

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg