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Honda Celebrates 10 Years Of Dual Clutch Transmission Technology For Motorcycles

Honda Celebrates 10 Years Of Dual Clutch Transmission Technology For Motorcycles

Honda’s unique DCT technology first appeared in dealerships across Europe in 2010. Since then, over 140,000 motorcycles equipped with Dual Clutch Transmission have been sold in Europe.

In the last decade, Honda’s ‘easy and direct’ motorcycle technology has become available on ten of their models in Europe.

From the original VFR1200F to Honda’s current DCT line-up, the technology has proven very popular.

DCT is an automated, electro-hydraulic clutch and shift operation gearbox, comprising a pair of independent clutch packs housed in one unit, each of which are connected to separate gear sets – one clutch works with start-up, 1st, 3rd and 5th gears, the other with 2nd, 4th and 6th gears.

In addition to the natural advantages for sporty riding that this brings, DCT also allows the rider to focus more on their riding line, braking points, cornering and acceleration.

Further benefits include reduced rider fatigue, low stress urban riding, the impossibility of stalling and greatly reduced pitching of the motorcycle during gear changes.

Having first appeared in dealerships across Europe on the VFR1200F sports tourer, Honda’s DCT remains unique in the world of powered two-wheelers.

Overall, more than 140,000 bikes with DCT have been sold in Europe, and in 2019, 45% of Africa Twins, 52% of NC750X’s and 67% of Gold Wings sold in Europe were the DCT version.

The DCT’s success has been in large part due to a constant evolution of the technology, with refinements to the smoothness and timing of the gear shifts, and adaptations to match the riding characteristics required of a broad range of different models.

Examples include an off-road focussed ‘G switch’ addition for the Africa Twin and X-ADV, and synchronisation with Hill Start Assist, Walking Mode and Idling Stop on the flagship GL1800 Gold Wing luxury tourer.

No doubt Honda will continue to evolve their motorcycle technology in the years to come – here at Vertu Motors, we’re excited to see what’s next.

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